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Info on what it is and how to claim it

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I have recently learned about Erziehungsgeld and am trying to determine whether I am eligible to receive it, and if so, how. I have found the 89-page pdf online, but I don't speak German and am baffled. I had a much easier time finding information about Kindergeld in English!

Anyway, if anyone is willing and able to help me figure this out, I would very much appreciate it!

Is there a difference between Kindergeld and Erziehungsgeld?
Editor Bob
There are two possible benefits you can claim.

1- Erziehungsgeld ((Child) Raising allowance), which IS means-tested. This is a kind of supplementary allowance for poorer families.

2- Kindergeld (Child allowance), which is NOT means-tested and is available to all parents.

A lot of people's experience in Germany is that the 'official' working at the desk (think any local government office here) often gets it wrong. Go back, ask again and one of them will give you the Kindergeld application form.
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Janx Spirit
Is there a difference between Kindergeld and Erziehungsgeld?
Yes. Kindergeld is always paid and continues until the kids finish education. Erziehungsgeld is only paid if one or the other parent takes Erziehungsurlaub. This is for a maximum of three years - two years Bundeserziehungsgeld and one year Landeserziehungsgeld (subject to certain requirements). For children born from 1 Jan 2007 this will be replaced by Elterngeld which is a better deal for most.

Edit: As Bob points out, Erziehungsgeld is means tested but even people who earn well will usually get a bit, the new Elterngeld is however not and is 67% of your last wage up to a max. of €1,800.
...been beaten...

Parents of children born after 1st Jan 2007 will receive ELTERNGELD instead of Erziehungsgeld, which will be a certain percentage of your former income (max 1800 €).

You can get Erziehungsgeld/Elterngeld for a maximum of 2 or 3 years, you'll receive Kindergeld until your kid is adult.
xanafunny, for starters, you are not eligible to receive Erziehungsgeld unless your household income is less than 30,000 Euro per year for a couple or 23,000 per year for singles.
Janx Spirit
cinzia, for the first six months the houshold income level is €51,130 for a couple and €38,350 for single parents, after that it's reduced significantly. There is also a Pauschalbetrag (blanket allowance) deduction from the gross income of 27%, so you can earn over 60,000 and still be eligible for Erziehungsgeld.
Ah. Apparently the website I was looking at is outdated. I didn't link to it before because it's in German.
Thank you so much for the info! I am still rather confused, but this helps a lot.

1) What is "Erziehungsurlaub"?

2) Assuming one is eligible: How, where, and with what documents does one actually apply for the Erziegeld? Among my many many documents for my baby is a form called "Beantragund fur Erziehungsgeld" so I assume this has something to do with it...

Sorry I am so hopeless at figuring out the German websites...
for people living in Bavaria heres the page you can refer to about Eziehungsgeld.

Sorry but i think the page is only in German.

You can bassically fill-out the online application and send it later to the agency along with the specified supporting papers. Address also specified there.

The basic to start with is that your yearly income should be less than Eur 30,000 to qualify.
Erziehungsgeld is only paid if one or the other parent takes Erziehungsurlaub.
Sorry, not true. It depends on a lot of factors. Go into your bezirksamt and ask for the erzihungsgeldstelle. Give them your application and they'll let you know in a couple of weeks. It's actually relatively easy if you're living here.
I also have a question. I am a single mother who will be working full time. My kid is 2 year old. I understand that I am eligible for kinder geld but I don't know where to apply and how does it work. Do you get the actual money (kinder geld) or that is something that is deductable from your taxes?
As a single mother am I eligible for any erciehungsgeld or any other suport because I don't receive any child suport from my child's father?
I'll apreciate helpfull information.
are you in germany? might help to change this on your profile

the government pays for every child 154 euros,...thats one thing...

then depending on fathers income you can recieve a percentage from this. If he wont pay then they will pay a fraction of what he should and try to force him to pay. (they cant make him pay, they are ONLY speaking on behalf of your child). Sometimes works.

why have you not before claimed for child benefit,.. strange. I have the feeling Im walking into a shit-storm.
A lot of things unclear...
All the information pertaining to Kindergeld and Erziehungsgeld is in the attached pdf form IN ENGLISH...
editors: can we do this as a sticky in the family life section?,property=pdf,bereich=,rwb=true.pdf
Thank You. This is very helpfull.
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