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Yes really, and it's actually quite good

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Well Folks, here's a novelty for you: Bavarian Single Malt Whisky. Has anyone heard of this before? I hadn't until yesterday evening. It's called "Slyrs" and they've just got a bottle of it in at The Dub Irish pub in Giesing.

Obviously I was very skeptical about trying it, but I have to admit, it wasn't at all bad. The taste was, and this is where I put on my Jilly Goolden hat on, light, sweet, absolutely no smoke. It went down very easily with a weak aftertaste. I even detected a little olorosso in there which reminded me of the Edradour malts. Not at all the battery acid that I was expecting.

So there you go. I probably won't ever drink it again, but I'm not going to dismiss it either. Maybe I'll give it another go in ten years time when they've got some properly matured stuff (the oldest is currently 1999).

The website's here:
Who'd've thunk it - the Bavarians, not content with rubbing our noses in it by manufacturing that great British invention, the Mini, have now turned their "Grus Gott"-ingly grubby digits to making Malt Whisky!

There we were shopping for a friend's birthday pressie in the Bad Homburg branch of Karstadt, and there it was - grinning at us, sending subliminal "buy me" messages. So of course, we had to get a bottle - and here's the rub - it's actually very, very good stuff.

Any other Toytowners tried a tipple of this Teutonic tincture? Is this a Bayerische Beverage abomination? Being a half-Scot, should I have a long, hard and indeed, pointed word with myself?

Around €40 a bottle, if you have the urge to splurge.


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Why not? I'd try it out of curiosity. Shame the website is so bad though.
Editor Bob
A fair few barrels will have matured quite nicely in the five years since this thread was started.
Till 2015 you'll only be able to get the 3 year old, from 2015 on there will also be a 12 year old - that might be interesting.
Bell the cat
I've had some of the New Spirit before and it was okay. Will have to get a bottle now that the first legitimate casks are old enough
Bavarian malt whisky -- bah. You haven't lived until you've tried Bavarian malt coffee.
Tasted it and it's ok. Conditions here are just as good as the Highlands or Ireland so why not?
Hmmm - not sure about that one: you don't see many peatlands in Bavaria.

It went down very easily with a weak aftertaste.
Does it even qualify as whisky?
Do you technicahaly need peat water for whiskey? Are all scottish whiskeies peaty?
triumph bob
Got a bottle on a ride out as I happened to be going past the distillery. The stuff's alright, but does have a bit of a paint thinner quality to it. Reminds me of that Mekong whisky I tried in Thailand. You know, the stuff that leaves you seeing vapour trails. Plus the fact that they are seriously taking the piss on the price - a half bottle cost €30 and that was for the super matured 2004 vintage. For a 2003, they wanted over €200. Now I like a drop as much as the next guy, probably more (unless the next guy is my wife), but why on earth would I fork out that for some dodgy local moonshine when I can get an 18YO Glenfiddich or a nice Glenmorangie or Macallan for under €50. It will be interesting to see what the stuff is like in another 10 or 15 years, but not unless they get realistic about their prices.
Tried some of this last night. Was pleasantly surprised Will be getting a bottle for a home...
"Does it wualify as whisky" you ask?
Yes, Until the spirit has been matured in oak casks for three years it is called 'New Spirit'. After three (full) years it may be called whisky.

As for Slyrs, it is bottled each year as a limited edition and they always sell out quickly. This guy is good at marketing and has managed to get the brand very well known.
But is it good?
I am not a fan as I think it both tastes and smells like rubber wellies.

A far better bet are the 'other' and first Bavarian Malt Whiskies produced by a little known distillery between Bamberg and Nürnberg, run by a chap called Fleishmann. His two main bottlings are called 'Blaue Maus" and 'Grüner Hund'. They are older than the three years, I think these two are 9 and 14 years old, I also saw a 17y and at this years Munich whisky festival he gave me a sample of 20y (Blau Maus) which is a special bottling for his 25th Anniversary this year.
Another kind of Bavarian brew -- the Local just wrote about this Slyrs distillery this week.

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