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Newly created by a brewery in the UK

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Hi all,

further to my last post from May 2005 (Gluten-free pasta and pizza)...

Well we have achieved our aim, a gluten-free pilsner beer! Our brewery team and lab have done the biz! As I explained when I first posted our target, our aim was to create a gluten free pilsner beer. Well, it’s beyond all my dreams. Thought we have done our own lab checks, I'm waiting for two UK labs to confirm the results. Our first tasting with a CAMRA judge has confirmed our flavor etc, but until all the i's are dotted we will not go public, but it tastes great, and though I wanted a beer, until I tasted it I would not have believed it! We have produced over 10k 33cl bottles. We shall be doing further tastings, and then we shall be offering the results of out first mash at cost & shipping. We cannot ‘sell’ it as we have not defined our shelf life, but it’s over 90 days. All I can add is that the guys at the brewery and lab have done me proud! To quote the taster:

Overall impression: much closer than before to a standard pilsner-clone lager, i.e. it tastes like beer. Can still tell it's not made with barley, but it's a lot less obvious. Definitely miles ahead of any other gluten-free beer I've tasted so far, though to be fair they've all been pretty dire :-) So not bad, maybe we can improve it, but as my friend who had not (been able to digest a beer for 8 years said after the 3rd bottle "this is heaven"! Log into our new site & leave your details (if you want to) and we’ll keep you updated on our progress: I anticipate an early December for limited deliveries.

Ben Cowell
One of Milwaukee's (in Wisconsin, US) many microbreweries has a gluten free beer New Grist brewed by Lakefront Brewery
YAY...I can have beer soon!!!

I am a wheat/gluten alergy sufferer and miss my beer...
pm me for already available glutenfree beers. I have good sources
Awesome! Although I don't have Celiac's, I need to limit my intake of gluten, looking forward to trying this...
Already available:
Schnitzer Bräu -
- Tastes like "real" beer when cold. Even availbale as draught.

Beer-Up -
- nice glutenfree beer from Austria

Liebharts Bio-Reis Gold -
- Name says it. Ricebeer. Not my taste.

All beers are available at The page is in German only, but the Boss speaks english. They stock only glutenfree stuff. They even have really good tasting bread. Actually it's an online-shop. But they have "Lagerverkauf" (don't know the english word).
Their storagefacilities are located in Riemerling. So if you're going to IKEA in Ottobrunn it's just 5 minutes away.

I also saw the Liebharts Bio-Reis Gold at Getränke Ortner in Gräferlfing-
Could be helpful to continue/update this thread for all those, who like beer and suffer a gluten allergy ... and just come across here.
Here another link for the list: Gluten Free Beer
Not that I ever tried it but I spotted Lammsbräu Glutenfrei in a Biosupermarkt. Since Lammsbräu seems to be the no. 1 of organic beers, you should stand a good chance to find at your local organic shop
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