Favourite German words

Be kind to your host nation

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- even ladies have one Gabers!
You are right,but...it is a historic prerogative of 'male chauvinist pigs' to throw it around without concern to lose face.Ladies however lose the title 'Lady' and become 'bitches'

p.s.Arschloch in proper Bavarian is pronounced 'ashloch' with the ch sound which is just as difficult for an English speaker to say,as is the th sound for a German.
El Jeffo
Rotzbremse (snot brake) for m(o)ustache
Mundmuschi (mouth pussy) for the hipster around-the-mouth m(o)ustache/beard combination
auspuff (muffler)

And I like to encourporate it into english sentence, ie, after someone lets on rip, "I think your auspuff has a defekt"
El Jeffo
Your example is ok, SJ, but your definition is wrong:
Auspuff is exhaust
Schalldämpfer is muffler
'Aufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht' is my new favourite German word.
Fair enough, I think it has the same effect.

Then again I am a girlie girl, the only thing I understand about cars is to cry when it doesn't work.

I have no clue the difference between exhaust or muffler. Are they not one in the same lol.
Schall + dämpfer = dampen your sound.

Aus + puff = get the puff out

Actually I like that about some German words: They are kinda self-explanatory.

(I hope I am right about the meaning )
SJ, use it as a verb: So who ausgepuffed?
Not in any particular order

1. Unglaublich
2. Dumm gelaufen
3. Ende Gelände
4. Aus die Maus
5. Die Libelle
6. Die Sommerfrische

Das Leben ist wie ein Kinderhemd--kurz und beschissen. (Life is like a child's shirt--short and crappy)
ein Tropfen auf den heißen Stein (a drop in the bucket on the hot stone)

The German translation of "my TV screen is broken" is not what you might think "Mein Fernsehbildschirm ist im Eimer". Rather it is: "My far-seeing picture umbrella is in the bucket".
my favorite one on the road,when that unexpected ''Um-scheiß-ung'' shows up when you're already late.Or is it Umleitung??
Danke/Bitte, Tut mir leid, and Entschuldigung the basic 4 importance words I would like to actually hear sometime. And when it does it bring a smile to my face.

Danke for when your bag fall down to the ground and I pick it up for you.

Bitter ist der gleiche wie Danke.

Tut mir leid for hitting me with your shopping cart.

Entschuldigung when you want to squeeze between me and the shelf when it is a lot of rooms behind me.

I can't see the word dick without becoming a teanager. First saw it on an advertising hoarding selling cigarettes:

'Think Dick'
I like "Weißwurstäquator" which means "white-sausage equator". In northern Germany you sometimes say "south of the Weißwurstäquator" which means an imaginary line between northern and southern Germany which is defined where Weißwurst is eaten and where not.

The Bavarians call the Hamburgers often "Fischköppe" or "Fishheads" and whenever you want to see an angry Bavarian you should ask at a shop how to send a card to Germany from there. Because often we pretend that Bavaria isn't a part of Germany and that drives them crazy *lol*

Then we also have "Dunkeldeutschland" (which is a bit offensive) for the former eastern regions ;-)

I also like "Hackenporsche" it might refer to a suitcase, or this wagon older people always have with them or to a person who is very persistently following you (and getting on your nerves)
Some swearwords I like though I don't use them in public
Pissflitsche (bitch)
Blödmöse (dumb bitch)
Pilzpimmel (Male slut)
Hurendriss (general swearword like shit)

Swearwords light
I rather like "Feierabend!"
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