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Ok - quick question here. I have been using e-plus for my mobile phone for the last 6 months, and at my house, office, and at places like Reizbar, the reception is crap. Actually, it's less than crap, it's nonexistant.

Right now, I'm looking at o2 because the rates are good and they roam to D1 (T-Mobile) when out of the major cities and when on the U-Bahn... but I was wondering what people's experiences are with it. I know D1 and D2 (T-Mobile and Vodafone) have the best coverage, but their rates are not as competitive, especially when roaming.

From my experience, well not mine directly but Badgers, O2 in terms of reception are shite. One of my bestist friends in the whole wide world works for O2 and we've compared levels of reception on many occasions and my Vodafone beats O2 hands down pretty much anywhere around Munich. Badger went through hell with the service for months when she was living near Universität. I can't comment on the rates because I'm dopey enough not to really check but for me coverage is probably the most important factor when choosing a provider.

Incidentally, here in Stockholm I've got a full signal absolutely everywhere. The underground system is substantially further underground than Munich and the signal just never goes away. Yeah to the Swedes!
I have D2 and I quite like mine. Only places I don't get reception are places underground. Ubahn, Murphy's, Kilian's etc.
I'm using O2 for the past 10 months, and I can only say that I'm allright with the reception and service. I don't have reception at Kilians and Murphy's either, but I haven't seen anyone sending SMS'es or calling in there. In fact, most of the time I walked out of there people were outside calling other people, so it's not just D2 that doesn't work in there.

The prices they charge is a whole different thing, since I am used to extremely lower prices before I came to Munich...
me too got O2 and i am satisfied. no reception underground either and from my house in north munich is very dodgy with no explanation why. maybe there's a disturbance somewhere. got a good rate where calls within the city are cheap, calls to other o2 peeps also and when not in an o2 area, roams automatically to D1. for all intents and purposes i am happy.

i also think this system is better than the u.s. here you only pay for whta you use. i imagine the heart of nokia land has kick-ass service keydeck.
@Sparty - I'm on Eplus and in certain parts of GMs I can call and SMS (the bar or at the table in the corner on that little raised bit). Not only that but I reckon Eplus reception is just fine - there's gonna be dead spots on any network (namely the Reizbar for Eplus - again tho, that's underground).
I have O2 and apart from it changing to an Austrian network halfway across Herr Indoors' mum's kitchen, it is pretty good. The D1 roaming is a big help, especially if you go up towards Franken or into the former East Germany.
I can get a weak network in Kilians if I sit at the tables opposite the bar and point the phone towards their fake windows. Why this works I have no idea though.
Same reception for me as Jimbo in GMs but it isn't a great signal.
I have O2 at the moment and I'm far from satisfied with it. I often have problems simply connecting to the network even in places with good reception. So I'll probably switch to Vodafone in the near future.

Anybody knows if you can take your mobile number with you when you switch networks here in Germany?
You can take your number but they can (and probably will) charge you for it, how much this will depend on the provider, 50€ is probably a fair guestimate of costs and this is a relatively recent change.
Vodafone is great in the UK though.
Malcolm Spudbury
I've been with T-Mobile for nearly 5 years and never had any problems with reception except in places like Murphy's and Kilian's.

I wouldn't use o2 unless I wanted to take advantage of their Homezone and/or Cityzone tarifs.
Vodafone is also great in Holland, a bit more expensive than some of the competitors but good coverage and no problems.

But why is it so awfully expensive here in Germany? If you pay, let say €30,- a month in Holland you get so many minutes even a phone addict wouldn't know what to do with it. Same for text messages, current prices are down to 6 cents and over here keep paying the bloody 20 cents a message.
Would you believe that I've never owned a mobile phone in my life? I still don't have one...
I don't believe it.
I also have O2 and have signal everywhere above ground. Only time it's sometimes dodgy is on a moving train, but that's to be expected.
Package prices have only recently launched in Germany with T-Mobile the first to use this model. Other networks should follow.
Actually the only problem with O2 is if you go to the Netherlands as you get bombarded with "Telford welcomes you..." blah blah blah text messages. I got 17 of these in the space of 2 days once
PS I not have Dragostea Tin Dei as my ring tone. I should be ashamed but am not. Well, not much.
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