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Editor Bob
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Dr. med. dent. Isabel Selmair
English-speaking dentist in Munich-Schwabing

Dr. Isabel Selmair spent eight years in Southern California and received a bachelor degree in sciences of UC San Diego. Her formal dental training she received in Germany. Since 1998 she has practiced in her own dental clinic in Schwabing. Through regular updates in her training she can guarantee a top standard in high quality dental care. The practice itself has a very inviting interior and is equipped with the latest technologies.

Key services and benefits:

  • Fluent English-speaking, also speaks French
  • High-tech cosmetic and restorative dentistry
  • Modern root canal surgery (certified in endodontics: eazf, 2008)
  • Emphasis on aesthetic dentistry (complimentary consultation offered):

    • Bleaching
    • Veneers
    • Individualized composite restorations
    • Cleaning and polishing

  • Family practitioner, children welcome
  • Painless anaesthetic, mercury-free dentistry
  • computer-guided precision bite analysis
To make an enquiry or request an appointment, click: Dr. Isabel Selmair contact form

See also reviews of Dr. Selmair from existing patients.

Praxis Dr. med. dent. Isabel Selmair
Clemensstraße 21a (see Google Map)
80803 Munich-Schwabing
Tel.: 089 3006283
For further information, please check the shortened English version of Dr. Selmair's website: www.DrSelmair.de

Located two blocks from Leopoldstrasse, three walking minutes to U-Bahn Münchner Freiheit.

Editor Bob
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The dental practice of Dr. Rainer Weller is located in Munich-Neuhausen, at Lazarettstrasse 2. This is very close to the Mailingerstrasse U-Bahn station, just a couple of blocks away from Cinema München.

This is a very friendly dental practice. They are sensitive to those who fear dentists, and they also speak English.

Praxis Weller can provide all the services expected of a dentist, including ordinary check-ups, dental surgery, tooth cleaning, and cosmetic tooth medicine. As an alternative to full anesthesia they can also offer hypnosis.

To make an enquiry or request an appointment, click: Praxis Weller contact form

See also: Patient reviews of Praxis Weller

Praxis Weller
Lazarettstraße 2
Munich - Neuhausen
Tel.: 089 129 0088
24 hour emergency tel.: 0171 364 7474
E-mail: click to make contact

This is a paid placement posting.
I would definitely also recommend Franz X. Dandl. I've been to him plenty of times after a few bad experiences with other dentists here. I've got a big fear of dentists and I'd have to say this guy has certainly made the experience a lot easier.

Just check first when you call as to what insurance he accepts.

Franz X. Dandl
Ganghoferstrasse 86
Tel. 089 774019
A friend of mine went to a dentist in Freising when she moved there, after complaining about headaches - the dentist said her lower jaw was malformed and that she needed corrective treatment. That would have been EXTEMELY painful and would have meant a course of treatment over months. O yeah he trashed 2 of her teeth in a bout of dentist madness to begin. She was extremely depressed about the whole thing.

Then she went to another dentist, who laughed at the jaw-diagnosis and said there was absolutely nowt wrong with it. Then he spent 2 hrs correcting the rubbish the other guy had done. She walked home and all the pain was gone.

A happy end. How nice.

The moral: Always get a second opinion.
Uncle Jamal
I once knew someone who's father was a dentist. I asked her how much dental work was actually strictly necessary. Turns out that unless it's for aesthetic reasons a visit to the dentist is only needed if you are in pain. Ok, so my teeth aren't shiney white, but I couldn't really care less about that frankly.
Dunno about that Jamal. I did not go for 12 years or so, and even ignored the pain of 3 wisdom teeth basically dissolving into nothing over that time. Eventually went to a dentist here, shitting myself of course, to get the pain sorted. Whilst examining me, he discoverd that I am a freak of anture with a 3rd set of canine teeth growing. One of them is impacting another tooth (out of sight in the gums somewhere) and if I don't get it yanked, then I could be in some serious pain down the line. Surely sometime preventative dental work is needed? Why wait for the pain? Having said that, I WILL wait for the pain. I hate dentists, and ours is German, so I instinctively dislike and distrust him even more. What on earth possesses somebody to become a dentist? Surely you have to be a bit twisted to WANT to dig about in someones mouth with medievel metal objects.
I can recommend...

Dr Weller
Lazerettstrasse 2,
Tel.: 089 129 0088

...corner of nymphenburgerstrasse (u1, mailingerstasse). He speaks english and so do some of his staff. You just have to make the effort to speak german first and as soon as he realsises you are english he will speak in english if you want him to. Also he is very good and friendly.

I hate, no detest! the dentist and only go when Im in pain and paracetamol arent working, I was soooooo nervous about going, was shaking etc, basically I was in bits and almost in tears... well I walked out of there with my fear of dentists gone... well as long as I keep going to him its gone!

Also at the time I was not insured for dental work and he charged me a very low price and also didnt charge me for everything which I thought was very very nice of him!

when visiting a dentist does one also have to pay the 15 Euro same as a visit to the doc?

It's 10 Euro and you have to pay them if the doctor does something with your teeth. If you go there for an anual check you don't have to pay.
there is a most beautiful dental surgery in schwabing. interior is mind blowing all old english and colonial. best of all it is open until 20h00 weekdays and saturdays until 13h00. there are four fantastic dentists all speak fluent english.

Dr Koty
Trautenwolfstrasse 8
Tel.: 089 391 744
I can also highly recommend a Dr Yachkaki (or sommit like that). He and the other dentist in the practice both studied in Britain for a while and speak excellent english and they are really friendly and good dentists.

The address is...

Dr Yachkaki
Fürkhofstrasse 3

Opposite the Tengelmann and above the Sonnenstudio.
Johnny English
I would have thought better to use a non-english speaking dentist?

That way you don't know what the sadistic bugger is gonna do next.

Also I cannot see you having much of a conversation anyway once he has got you pinned to a chair with 3kilos of sharp equipment jammed in your gob.
Are dental treatment covered by health insurance?
Dentists are a bit foggy on health insurance - some policies cover it, some don't - I think most cover it when it starts to get a bit serious...
From 2005, it will be standard that everyone will need 2 insurances, one for the doctors and one for the dentists. So that means that your monthly salary will go down even further !
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