Where to buy an English-language laptop computer - Germany

English operating system (OS) and keyboard etc.

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hi - just wanted to know if any of you guys have had experience in buying a english laptop in germany - or at least the windows in english - any ideas of which stores i can go to - I have a specific laptop in mind. anyway -

If you get a German laptop, the keyboard will also be German. You can switch the keyboard layout in Windows to behave like a US or UK keyboard, but it's harder to change the key labels. This is potentially a more permanent problem than German Windows, since that can just be reloaded if you have or buy another copy of Windows.

I don't know where to buy an English laptop, but perhaps others can suggest something. If not, you could always order one online from the UK, since you know the specific model you want.

If you are talking about a Mac, yes, but Windows XP doesn't normally have this choice. You can install English programs and set the input language to English, but the Windows interface will always be German if you installed the German version.
I think one of my former colleagues ordered one through Dell...he wanted a US keyboard and was able to get it through the German phone suppor I think...
Dell should be the guys to contact as they are actually based in Ireland (for the moment at least) so can easily build you an english language spec computer.
I agree that you may also be best to contact them by phone as doing something non normal is handiest if not the only way to do it.
Years back I ordered and paid for a dell compuer in sterling from the uk BUT wanted it delivered to southern ireland. The uk website didnt do deliveries to the republic, the republic site didnt take sterling, but one phone call with the callcentre sorted it all out!
Dell will supply English/UK specification (keyboard, software and documentation) systems in Europe, but not English/US systems. You are unlikey to get non-German spec (hardware OR software) systems in German stores, esepcially at domestic level, and you can only determine language on the higher end systems. It's straightforward to re-install English software on a German system, but clearly that does not sort keyboard issues. There is a major European PC rental house called Livingston in Darmstadt that re-sell ex-rental models (3-6 months old, typically) at bargain prices. They often re-sell UK and US spec systems which have been brought in for special clients. See here for details. You may have to contact them directly, however to see which models are available with non-German specs.
Genesis Systems
If its UK spec, let us know the laptop you want, and I'll see what we can do for you. We don't sell laptops as such, but have bought them in for clients. By the same token, software we do in English and German ( and other languages).
Try House of Notebooks at Landwehrstr. 35, Munich. I suppose they can order VAIO notebooks with English OS.
I got mine from DELL last year, delivered from Ireland, and had English keyboard and Win XP OS. You just had to do it over the phone. The best thing to do is to go online and pick what you want and then call them when you have the screen open in front of you and just list off all the stuff.
Order with Dell. You can get any software language and keyboard you'd like.
There are 2 computer stores down near Hbf. that can special order US/UK keyboarded laptops.
1. Bauers (Asus)
2. 3 doors down from them is a notebook store and they do, Sony and 1-2 other brands.

IMHO, Asus notebooks are better than Sony, and sofar havent had to recall defective batteries like everybody else.
Johnny English
hi - just wanted to know if any of you guys have had experience in buying a english laptop in germany - or at least the windows in english - any ideas of which stores i can go to - I have a specific laptop in mind.
My tuppence worth on this issue. Sounds like the crucial issue is getting Windows XP in English, not the keyboard.

When I first arrived with my UK keyboard it soon became a pain when occasionally needing the german keys (there are workarounds but they drive you bats). Typing English on a German keyboard is easy peasy - just the Y and Z swapped over. And to get the £ on mine is ALT163.

So you either go the Dell route, or I would say:

1. Buy the laptop you want, complete with local 2 year guarantee, german XP and german keyboard.

2. Wipe the hard drive.

3. Purchase an OEM version of Windows XP Professional Multilingual. Default language is English so that is pretty damn simple!

I did #3 and works beautifully. German keyboard - job done.
If you have a legit key for XP in German, you do not need to "Buy XP" again.. You only need to borrow an English XP CD, and use your German XP Key to install.
You can't upgrade (XP Home to Pro) you can only go to the same OS in a Diff. Lang. (XP Home German to XP Home English)
Just a note if you do call DELL you can haggle a bit on the price & if they won't give you any discount just say you will buy on line instead & they often relent as there are on commision. Also do a coupon search, there are several US sites for them & i'm sure there must be some UK & IE ones too.
Whatever you get, make sure to have the battery checked/replaced if it's from Sony. Otherwise your new Laptop could turn into a Fireball.
- i do not mind a german keyboard at all. Unfortunatly i do not already own a german windows -
someone said it might not be possible to load an english version on a laptop.

anyone going to england soon? hehe - funny but it wold be an option.
heres a link to the comp I would like.


thanks for all the help.
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