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Thanks Deccie, maybe I won't bother, I am certainly not paying 12 quid, it would be cheaper to mail my mum my RBS cashcard & have her draw the cash out. If I have to contribute to the sponsorship fees for the 6N the least I want is a ticket!
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Deutsche Bank will not charge you for the transfer. RBoS are not supposed to charge you, but because they are scum they might. I regularly transfer from DB to Nationwide and am never charged and receive a very good exchange rate from Nationwide.
Right, did a bit more looking & found this on the RBoS website

Cost - payments up to and including £100 or currency equivalent are charged at £1. Payments of over £100 or currency equivalent are charged at £7 each
I actually didn't think to look there before as I just assumed if there were charges they would only be on the senders end...yes I know I shouldn't assume.

Thanks STB, I don't have a nationwide account just RBS, will check to see what others mum has though.
My transfers from DB to Bank of Scotland are free of charge...never checked how good the exchange rate is though...
Dmc do you have a regular account with them or some kind of international one, and are you transferring Euros?
Got charged 12.50 for receiving an Irish Euro denominated cheque into my hypo account , is it different for cheques does anyone know?
Transferring Euros (and it has to be euros, not pounds) by Internetauslandsüberweisung from my normal DB Giro type account to a BoS current account (and just to be clear, I do mean Bank of Scotland, not the response to your "will check to see what others mum has")

From the DB Internet Banking pages

"Weltweit in 179 Länder und EU-weit mit IBAN und BIC zum Inlandspreis (bestimmte Kriterien vorausgesetzt) überweisen"
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SWIFT transfers should be free, but you will have to pay charges for paying a foreign cheque into your account. That €12.50 sounds about right.
Aha, maybe we have to pay for the Royal then I thought that BoS was now part of RBoS??? Anyway I have just emailed them to ask, will see if I get a response. My comment about checkin on my mums other accounts was to see if she had nationwide, I know she has a halifax account...anyone know if they charge??
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Well Halifax are part of BoS (making HBoS, which is different to RBS), so if BoS don't charge then Halifax probably won't. Make sense?
Halifax and Bank of Scotland are the same should be free too...

Edit: like STB said
@leky, I regularly transfer from DB to HSBC and there's no charge, but i do the transfer in Euros. As STB says, if you can transfer in Euros, there shouldn't be a fee, even with RBS (I think). I am sure I'll be corrected if I got it wrong though
Ok just checked the Halifax & they don't list any charges for receiving, just £19.50 to send!

Space cadet, the RBS website actually says they charge £7 for receiving, maybe it doesn't apply to IBAN transfers or I am just being thick & reading it wrong...anyway this is what is says...RBS I would be transferring euros from my account with DB to my mother with RBS.

Another note, if anyone has a UK address RBS has a sweepstake to win tickets for the F1 at Silverstone next month, you don't need an account with them (you won't win anyway :-), just a UK postcode.
Well I have just received this response from RBS re charges using IBAN & transferring Euros:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding charges for transferring funds from your
account in Germany to an RBS account.

Bank to bank electronic transfer receiving costs are £1 for amounts up to
and including £100 and £7 for payments over £100.
Leky - why not post a cheque to your mum? 70 cents postage.
Otherwise you will have to pay because in the EU it is only
Euro to Euro accounts that are not charged extra.
German Euro to UK GBP accounts costs as does UK GBP to
German Euro.
Incidentally, If you know someone in the UK who you trust
and who wants to transfer money to Germany - you could ask
him/her to pay your mum in GBP and credit his/her account in the EU
with EUR. I worked this one with my son who wanted to transfer
EUR to the UK, whilst my UK pension needed to be transferred here.
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