Typing Umlauts on an English-language keyboard - Germany

How to type the special German characters (ÜÖÄß)

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Does anyone know how to write umlauts using an English laptop? I know how to do it with a PC, but you need the extra number pad on the right...
Any help would be great so I don't have to keep writing 'umlaut+e'.
thanks in advance!
On a Mac it is the Alt & U button pressed at the same time, which brings up the umlauts and then the following letter be it a, u, or o when pressed will have the unlauts over the top. Might be the same on a Windoze laptop too.
cap'n graypube
ä you can write ae
Ö is oe
Ü is ue
Captain Pippy Long Stockings
alt plus 132 ä (0228)
alt plus 137 ë (0235)
alt plus 148 ö (0246)
alt plus 225 ß (0223)
alt plus 129 ü (0252)
alt plus 142 Ä (0196)
alt plus Ë (0203)
alt plus 153 Ö (0214)
alt plus 154 Ü (0220)
Sadie the Goat
Indeed - using the ALT key plus the numbers will get you the character.
ASCII-II (or ASCII Extended) codes (scroll down for table).
Be sure to keep the ALT key down as you type the numbers.
Assuming you're running a UK English keyboard setting in Windows XP, you can use the following:

AltGR + s = scharfes S
AltGR + p = o umlaut
AltGR + y = u umlaut
AltGR + q = a umlaut

Add Shift for upper case umlauted characters.

For a more permanent solution, you can install the German keyboard in Control Panel/Regional and Language Options/Languages/Details. By default you can then toggle between the keyboard layouts using Left Shift + Alt. Of course, you need to get used to a Qwertz keyboard, with different punctuation layout.

Malcolm Spudbury
I seem to remember being able to type the letters ä ö and ü with some combination of ALT, SHIFT and the colon character (:). I can't remember the exact sequence though.
Capitano Gaaargggh-fio
You have to activate your num lock key in your keyboard and then you have the same as the extra number keypad that you are used to have on your pc. I assume that you know the ASCII combinations, just that you don't konw how to use them on your laptop.
On the right hand side of your keyboard keys have numbers as well as letters. Those are the ones corresponding to the keypad in a PC.
Does anyone know how to write umlauts using an English laptop?
Do you have numbers on the UIO,JKL,M keys? On my laptop I have a "Fn" key down the bottom that makes those letters work like the numpad. So to do the umlauts I hold down Alt, then the Fn key, then type the number using those keys.
I have my keyboard set to United States - International and I just have to type the quotation mark and the letter ("o for ö). The only drawback is that to actually get a quotation mark when the following letter can be umlauted you have to hit a space after the ". By this time it's automatic for me.
Okay, I still need some help!
I think my computer is from England (though I ordered it here).
The shift + 132, etc isn't working
neither the ALTGR or the FN button
whenever I press those + numbers I get a 'bing' sound. Like Mr. computer doesn't like it.
Maybe my number pad isn't activated.

Further suggestions?
Okay, I got it. FN+ALT+numbers.
Captain Pippy Longstockings was the winner...
Though what is the code for captial E (umlaut)?
Capitano Gaaargggh-fio
look for a key, probably on the upper right side of your keyboard, which reads NumLock. You press that one, the numpad is activated (there should be a green led that lights up) and then you can use AltGr + NumberCombination.
Malcolm Spudbury
Though what is the code for captial E (umlaut)?
Ë = 211
Assuming that you have Windows on your laptop.

There is a cool little program called Character Map under Start/Programs/Accessories/System Programs/Character Map

Select the Font "Terminal" from the list, you would see all the possible characters. Double click on the character, and it would be pasted in the text box. You could then press the "Copy" button to copy it to clipboard, and then press Ctrl-V to paste it in any other program.
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