Typing Umlauts on an English-language keyboard - Germany

How to type the special German characters (ÜÖÄß)

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AltGR + s = scharfes S
AltGR + p = o umlaut
AltGR + y = u umlaut
AltGR + q = a umlaut
Sorry, those are for US International, which I also had installed.

Ive got a standard British laptop and was wondering how to get umlauts over vowels.. I do quite alot of typing in german so its quite irritating!

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Just type whatever +e.
Just use Notepad to make a .txt file and save it onto your desktop. Copy this into the .txt file:

ä Ä
ü Ü
ö Ö


Whenever you want to type something that has an umlaut in it, just whip out your .txt file and copy the characters into whatever you're typing.
I know about typing the e but its not really done in Germany. None of the other ways work tho, keeps making the sound that its a pop up being blocked...
My trick is to setup both German and English keyboard and you can switch between the keyboard layouts while typing by pressing "alt" + "shift"

To Setup:
1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional Settings and Language Options -> Languages tab -> Details
2. Your default is probably English US or Irish or UK
3. Click Add to choose "German (German)" as your language and select your keyboard layout "German"
4. Then check "Language Bar" and make sure "Show the language bar on the desktop" is checked
5. You can then see which input is default on your task bar by the clock. And switch input either by clicking on it or using "alt" + "shift" combination.

The downside is that you should already know were the ä ü ß etc are on a German keyboard or else it's guesswork. Get stickers?

My keyboard is german but I use English as default as I'm handy with touch typing, so it is easy for me to switch between the too.

Attached image
And here's a picture of the german keyboard layout if you want for reference.

I don't have that hassle at all! Umlauts are very easy on my keyboard... I think this is because I have "smart quotes" or whatever they're called. This means that when I type the quotation marks, they don't appear until I type the next letter key. If it is a vowel, it automatically becomes an umlaut. (This is particularly annoying when I DON'T want an umlaut, because I must follow the quote mark with a space)

For example:

SHIFT + " + a = ä

SHIFT + " + e = ë

I only discovered this by accident. It also works for accent marks in other languages, and the "shift" is not required. First type an apostrophe ('), then the letter:

' + a = á
' + e = é
' + c = ç

This is the same for the ~ and the ` marks, for Spanish and French (top left of keyboard). You simply type them before you type the letter, and they appear over the top of the letter: ñ è

I don't know why this works, but it does! Still haven't figured out how to type a "Scharfes S", though!
Ah yes, it's the keyboard language. I forgot about that. If you choose "English-US" and "United States-International" as your keyboard layout from step 3 you will have sammcd way of inputting it which is easier than remember the keyboard layout.

To get Scharfes S:

alt-gr + s = ß
Well I didn't realise you could switch your keyboard layout like that linmor very handy to know.

If your only typing in word you can set up the ümlauts / currency symbols to your own "short cut keys" - I perfer this for assignments cause the german keyboard layout just slows me down and I end up with z's everytime I want a y. All you have to do is go to insert symbol pick the symbol then click on short cut key down the bottom and assign. eg for ü I type ctrl u and for ö I type ctrl o. Good if your in word and use to the qwerty keyboard layout.
Thanks very much Linmor!! Im flying now!! Very handy to know about change keyboard, had wondered that before!! Cheers!!!

Encountered another problem.. Now my keyboard keeps switching from one to another without me pressing anything.. Its really annoying!! Please help!!
Im a damsel in distress!!
Oh dear! Don't panic! Let me think:

Looks like it's only for the active window/application. If your default input is EN and you open Word to write a letter to the Finazamt so you switch the layout to DE and start typing and in the middle of the letter you open Firefox to write a post on Toytown, the input will be EN as this is your default here. Switch back to Word to finish the document, the input is still DE, so no switching required. Switching in one app does not affect the other.

So the input is remembered for the application and not system wide. The input is remembered for each application. So you can have as many apps as you can handle open all set with their own layout.

Alles klar?
Oh just don't bother . The Germans don't need them anyway.
This is really helpful, I was trying to find out how to switch my keyboard for a while!
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