Where to procure marijuana in Munich

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Let's say theoretically that a newcomer were to come to the city of Munich for awhile, and were interested in ehmmm procurring some of the hash or marijuana.. where would one be able to go? This information is to be compile for a report for one of my internet classes. Asking purely out of academic interest of course
Read Munich drug scene first.
Darn I thought we scored a new Hasher for Munich Hash House Harriers.
I thought it was going to be about corned beef.
Riiiight.. btw keydeck that link didn't help unfortunately
Yes it does. There's plenty of advice and information in there on where stuff can be obtained. What are you looking for, a phone number?
0800-UR-LOCAL-PUSHER (49ct Germany wide)
I think the phone number is 112.
a number would be nice, considering the link forum just states there's junk around hbf and obh, and then just a bunch of talk about the Grundgesetz. maybe a platz? englischer garten? the bogs at kfc?
If someone did have a specific source it'd be pretty dumb to post it on the internet where anyone can see it just because some random unidentified stranger has asked.
Yellow pages or the emergency number eurovol posted!
dumb to post it on the internet where anyone can see it
That's right. You have to be careful with what you ask parkt6792 considering that your ip address has been recorded and there will always be one or two law-einforcement officers around. You never know who is watching...
actually if you are around the hb or the ob just ask a couple of people for schwullbumpsen and they should set you in the right direction fairly quick. it's all about knowing the right words in german.
thanks, appreciate it. knew it'd be a little rough
If you follow that advice, it will be.
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