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Recommendations for a Hundesalon

Can anyone recommend a dogs groomer in the Munich area?
I can highly recommend Hundesalon Popp (Elsässerstr 24, 81667. tel: 89 - 470 -54-52). I have been taking my dog there for over a year and have been very satisfied. (I have a mini schnauzer - one of the more difficult breeds to groom). Herr Popp speaks enough English to schedule an appointment and understand what you want done. The salon is a 2 minute walk from Ostbahnhof.
We have a beautiful bearded collie who is need of proper grooming. Have taken her to one 'professional' groomer in Munich for a wash, good brush and perhaps a trim and she came home shaved to the skin looking like a giant poodle!!! She refused to go outside in public until her hair had grown which thankfully it now has! Any recommendation gratefully received. Happy to pay the going rate to someone who knows what they are doing. (She was groomed once in the UK so we know how good she can look!) HELP!!!

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These guys Hundesalon und Mode are around the corner from my office, and I have yet to see an ugly dog in Lehel. Their website is in English - sort of - and provides links to the shelter, pensions and obiedience schools as well.
Here is the thread with my recommendation from last time: Herr Popp. And he speaks a bit of English too.
HI, we are the Schwabinger Raubtiersalon, Grooming and Dog Salon with Boutique in Schwabing , Kaulbachstrasse 71 a , between Englischer Garden and Leopoldstrasse.
We just had a few members of Toytown in our Store in Schwabing and they asked us to post here. So here we are.

Just come and visit us, if you need a grooming for your dog or cat, or just a gift , we do have it all. or just visit our web page at

Also if you need , tip or advice with your pet, dont hesitate to visit us.. We love to help...

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I can recommend Raubtiersalon too ... Raubtiersalon treated my little Yorki Baby like a star
and it was resonable 2 1/2 hours euro 45. I must say the best cut ever
Raubtiersalon has my baby and me in their Video Beauties section:
come and see for yourself...

They also have an Award for dog friendly places in Munich see
fun places to visit with your dog...

Email me, if you need directions, Raubtiersalon is in Schwabing Kaulbachstrasse 71

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I use Raubtiersalon as well and i can say that they always do an AMAZING job! Going to the groomers is a scary experience for my dog but she seems to be very comfortable here and i am comfortable leaving her. The owner speaks fluent english too, so there is never any communication mixup. I have taken my Molly to many different groomers and they by far do the best job. I would not go anywhere else.
Hi TT Pet owners,

Our little dog must have a Fur cut .
Could you recommend us a place doing that?
BTW, how much should it cost?


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Does anyone have any pet groomer recommendations in Munich? I have a dog that desperately needs a haircut!
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I can TOTALLY NOT recommend Raubtiersalon.
Not worth the trouble of going there.
I had been going there since the beginning to have my dog groomed.
I had an appointment on the 8th of July at 12. Stefan, the owner, writes the date on a card, which I keep in my wallet. I went in on the 8th at 12 and he tells me my appointment was on the 7th. I show him the card with the 8th and he tells me that I am no longer welcome there, no more grooming appointments for my dog. I was floored and pissed! Can you imagine?!!
This guy obviously doesn't give flying flip about his customers. Like i said, since the beginning and then, because of his mistake, which he didn't want to even admit, I no longer have an appointment.

And, so for that, I tell you what this guy and this place is REALLY like:

I used to buy the occasional dog treat, dog toy, and even their wet food, but the past 6 months, I stopped buying anything else in there.
I only went in for my grooming, but always had to endure the long-winded stories from Stefan and his sales pitch about how how great the store is, what a brand Raubtiersalon is, how much money they are making, etc...and the list goes on.
So how could I resist spending any money in there? A few reasons:

- I hate a hard sell and someone telling me how great they are (BIIIG turnoff). This also leads me to distrust much of what he is saying.
- his prices for leashes, dog beds, etc. when compared to any other place are ALWAYS so much more expensive
- the Raubtiersalon canned dogfood- tried it, but my dog had a terrible allergic reaction to it and developed many warts all over her body. Once I changed foods, the warts stopped developing. Can't really say if his food is the reason, but just didn't want to take the risk.

Should you venture in there, be ready for a diatribe of some sort about what a great, exclusive brand this is. And, I promise you, like me, you will thinking in your mind of the exit strategy, how can I pay and get away from this guy.
Maybe consider clipping your own dog? Worked for me.
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Has anyone been to Hundefrisör Bonny or Hundesalon und Mode? I am looking for a new groomers because just like risee I can not longer stomach the lecture that comes with Raubtiersalon. Also the last few times we went there they did not cut how i asked them to. I have resorted to cutting my dogs hair myself but it has been a disaster. I need a professional who does not feel the need to tell me his life story.
Please can anyone recommend a dog groomer in Munich? Thanks, Karen.

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Hello, I am wondering if someone can help. I am looking for a dog groomer in Munich - any area, really, so long as they are good! We have a new Dackel, due for his first stripping so we want a groomer that is used to dealing with Dackel's coats. Most I have found use clippers or scissors - where as dachshunds need to have their coats stripped not cut. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! English or German speaking - so long as they are good!

Thanks so much!
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