Gap to close German branches in August

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Malcolm Spudbury
Gap have sold their 10 german stores to H&M and will be closing them in August.
Might be a good opportunity to get a few bargains in the closing-down sales...

Source: Gap to sell outlets to H&M and exit Germany

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Does the Gap even exist in Munich?
Malcolm Spudbury
Yes. There's one on Kaufingerstr. and one in the OEZ.
they have already been heavily discounting stuff and giving out lots of family discount cards to shift the stuff... hence a years supply of fresh t-shirts sitting in my closet...

i have heard some stories from gap employees about the extent to which they are cutting their losses and running, i'm really surprised that whey weren't more profitable here...
I'm sad about Gap closing as it was one of the few places that do trousers in short lengths. But the sale is GRATE. Big discounts, skirts are about 10€, tops too, the denim and fitted dresses aren't reduced that much yet though.
I don't know about the men's department's sale prices as Herr Indoors already has a mum and doesn't need a second one.
I agree with you Katrina. I LOVE the jeans in there, and the fact you can get them in long lengths!
I don't know about the men's department's sale prices as Herr Indoors already has a mum and doesn't need a second one
That is absolutely choice. Brilliant.
This sucks, but it's their own damn fault. Clothes at the Gap here are at about a 30%-50% premium over the EXACT same thing in North American, and some people consider them expensive there. It sure isn't as if they cost much to make either.

Disappointed, however.

When is this place gonna get a Banana Republic? Is there a petition I can sign or something?
What about an Old Navy? I just visited one for the first time on a trip back home, and it seemed to me to be equivalent to the Gap but cheaper.
@ interplanetjanet

Old Navy is owned by the Gap and is intended as a cheaper alternative

I find their clothes to fall apart faster than a pair of Cherokee jeans from K-Mart.
Lisa E
I will tell you a secret...

At the Kleidermarkt im Tal, there are a ton of "used" clothes from Gap, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Most of them seem brand new, except sometimes they look like they were crumpled up in a bag for a while. Dirt cheap, but you have to be willing to sort through a lot of racks.
GAP: 50% crap.

My friend bought me a T shirt and a pair of shorts when I was in Seattle from GAP. Years on and the shorts are raggedy but wearable. The Tshirt lasted about 3 washes before falling to bits.

Banana Republic: non washable clothing.

I was in Cambodia motorbiking round Angkor Wat with my (now) wife. I was getting a bit too cocky on the bike being an absolute novice, and wanted to visit a Temple in the complex several km away but there was this mega 20 foot puddle in the road. So over confidently I attempted to drive on the foot-wide track to the right whilst my wife walked round. Too late the bike goes splat into the dreck and muck and gets covered in red mud. My T shirt also was a casualty and has still these strange red spots all over it to this day. Cambodian mud must have special properties or maybe BR's cotton is crap.

How's that for taking us off topic?

Hm, I didn't know that. Actually, I've never bought anything there, but my hubby bought a pretty decent pair of cargo pants for $7!

Personally, I like to stick to ebay...dirt cheap and delivered to the door.
Banana Republic: non washable clothing.
Blasphemy! They are the best made clothes for the money. Those underaged South-East Asian workers really know how to stitch.

Actually, the BR shirt I have on right now was made in Portugal.
Those underaged South-East Asian workers really know how to stitch
Its the small hands. Results in fine needlework. Their smaller frame makes them excellent down mines too.
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