Why are you happy today?

Let's hug each other and be merry

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There's so much negativity floating around at the moment on TT it's starting to get me down.

We have threads on "my relationship's shit, what shall I do", "I hate it in Munich/Germany/wherever", "my boss is crap" (think i was guilty of that one!), "my job is shit", "The Vent", "I can't find decent chocolate cake" etc

Even the "happy place" thread is born of unhappiness.

Let's celebrate happiness. So why are you happy today?

I'll start: I am happy because we have a new temporary secretary, she's hot and is showering me with attention for no apparent reason
Im happy thinking about Lassie and his secretary taking a shower. That and my flat is clean.
Bubble Gum
I'm happy because my flat is clean too!
I'm happy because I've been working with a crappy old mouse for the last few months - and today I got a new one!!!
YAY!!! and it's truly FAB

I am v. easily pleased, I know...
I have TONS of happiness and positive energy to share - anyone is welcome to have a bit of it

I have a new outlook on life after my weeks holiday. I read 2 very inspiring books that have helped me to be positive and change the way I look at life.

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho and
The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

Have started my fruits/veggies/fish diet again and am successful (so far

Can now run 5 whole min at a time. I know it sounds lame, but a month ago when I started trying to run again after a 10 yr absense I could only run 30 seconds.

Also, have a VERY slow week this week with work which is wonderful for first week back after holiday.

So, no negativity here
I feel great today, went shopping bought the Books Eurobabs read, and look forward to reading them, stopped by the office, as I am back to work tomorrow and noticed that the coworker I hate got my room all ready and had everything sterilized and ready for me. Shocked me.
Bought a new Dirndl today and look smashing in it.

So, anybody need a hug? Here is a BIG HUG coming your way!
Bubble Gum
I also just started reading Goldie Hawn's autobiography which I have been looking forward to for months. I am also happy about that .
I'm even happier because my flat needs a clean and I might just have found two girls willing to do it for me...jml? bubble gum?
My house is clean and my husband is in town Two good reasons to be happy.
I have (unexpectedly in a good way) an entire week off from work!!!
Bubble Gum
I think I'm good. But thanks .
Didsbury's Daftest
Seems cleaning does the trick. Cleaned my place for hours yesterday. Result was a sleepless night. Both make me very happy. Finally found tenants for my place in Hamburg as well. But what beats everything is a mended heart.
I just made a major contribution to world peace by eating a piece of chocolate cake -- delicious! I feel happy now.
i didn't think i was happy today (mighty chuffed off cos after just 24 hours back in Europe my phone got nicked ) but then I've just found my fave Ritter Sport Erdbeer Rhababer Chocolate in Tengelmanns, and the girl who answered the phone just then was really helpful
Im happy because I went to the zoo with some TT's and saw a fish with a squishey eyeball
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