Heat wave across Germany & most of western Europe

Phew, what a scorcher!

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Germany and most of the Western Europe is experiencing a blistering heat wave. I read that meteorologists are predicting 38 degree Celsius in parts of Germany for tomorrow as the hottest day in the year and this month as the hottest July in a century. Both the temperature and the humidity are expected to go up.

There have been several deaths reported in Netherlands and France. Italy is experiencing one of its worst droughts and I fear we might again see those wild forest fires of the likes we had in Portugal. London underground was sweltering at around 47 and some city buses recorded temperatures over and around 50 degrees.

Worst of all my office which is already several degrees hot than normal (because it’s attached to a chemical lab) has no air conditioning and that sucks!

Yahoo! Weather forecast for Berlin
Here's to hoping fewer people die than did in the European heat-wave of 2003 (14,802 in France, ~20,000 in Italy, etc.). Hopefully this time governments will be better prepared.
Owain Glyndwr
Heatwave breaks record for July - BBC News

People all over the country are trying to find ways to cool off Britain is sweltering on its hottest recorded July day as temperatures hit 36.3 near Gatwick Airport. It is also the hottest day of the year so far, beating Tuesday's 2006 high of 33.2C (91.8F).

Several schools have closed, workers are being encouraged to dress down, and elderly people and young children are being warned to drink plenty of water.

British temperatures this week have exceeded such holiday destinations as Malta, Athens, Bermuda and Rome.
I spoke to a firefighter in Northern Ireland, he said it was going to be really hot, like 25°C . He also fears that he will be fighting brushfires all weekend.
Europeans are such pussies. I was in Pasadena a couple days ago, and it was 41, which is pretty average this time of year.*

*This comment was naturally tongue-in-cheek, as I recognize you sillies haven't yet discovered the virtues of air conditioning.
Owain Glyndwr
god, IPJ, don't even start on about Germans and there f*ing phobia about air-con. Drives me f*ing nuts. sitting here sweltering, no-one really concentrating properly just because they might pick up some mystery virus.
it's ridiculous...every year i was in england and they were going on about the "heatwave" in spain and how people were dying all over the place...it's bullshit...it was just normal summers...summer=heat...
Our cooling system (water pipes in the ceiling) is working - almost too well. We have to keep moving so that our toes don't become hypothermic.
Owain Glyndwr
pirulero, in 2003 even the Spanish media were reporting the heat wave.
Hopefully this time governments will be better prepared.
They should pass a law that every home and place of business install an AC unit.
Oh yeah that'll help global warming!
Enjoy the weather, if you're hot have a cold beer! It will soon be snowing thus giving you all something else to whinge about!
Not everywhere should have an A/C due to as Allerhausen said, global warming.

However, when its hot, I find my normal avenues of respite are not available. At home, when it was hot, the supermarkets, cinemas and shopping centres all had decent air conditioning and was a means to escape the heat.

Here, I find that some supermarkets and most cinemas dont have A/C and it becomes an oven rather than a haven.
NO AC needed here...the mold sucks, but at least it's always cool in this apartment...fucking cold in winter...oh well...still looking for a new apartment, I can handle the heat.

I would think theaters would at least have AC...that'd be rediculous to sweat to death watching a movie...yet somewhat fitting during the new pirates...
Have you all noticed how heavy the sunshine feels? Didn't Einstein have a theory that light has weight? Or is it just the heat contracting my skin and putting pressure on my nerves?
god, IPJ, don't even start on about Germans and there f*ing phobia about air-con. Drives me f*ing nuts. sitting here sweltering, no-one really concentrating properly just because they might pick up some mystery virus.
The german explanation for no a/c starts with "we don't need it", "it makes you sick", "we don't like it" and finally "it's too expensive" ( the truth only comes out in the end ).

Last week was bloody hot enough. The office I work in has 5 people and 9 computers. The room next door that houses the printer has a/c but a manager ( other than mine ) reprimanded me for leaving our door and the printer room door open to try and blow some cool air into our office.

Enough was enough. I had just bought a nice little a/c unit from Obi for the apartment ( on sale 300 Euro ). Just headed back there and got another one for the office. Now the jerk-off who reprimanded me tries to come into our office and cool off. I tell him to get lost.

Today one of the jerk-offs workers came and took our no-longer needed fans to direct cool air from the printer room into theirs. Sometimes these people can be so lame!
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