English Video Film Club - DVD hire in Maxvorstadt - Munich

Update: Closed for good as of September 2007

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English Video Film Club
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UPDATE: This store closed for good in September 2007

The English Video Film Club is one of the best places to rent English-language movies in Munich. It's run and owned by people who also work in film.

Their shop is a little hokey and hard to find, but their selection is massive - about 8,500 movies, including over 3,500 DVDs. And they have all the TV-series, classics, documentaries, Bollywood, and loads of not-so-well-known stuff as well as all the latest blockbuster.

In April 2006 they launched a new website (www.english-video.de), where you can browse their collection, search by actors, directors or titles. It’s a still a beta site and we are told many new features are still waiting in the wings - like recommendations by ‘mood’, age or gender.

To join one needs to be over 18, bring either a passport, id-card or driver's licence and leave a deposit of €35,00 or €45,00 (either in cash or by credit card; amount depending on whether you're a student or teacher or not) which is refundable anytime one chooses to discontinue the membership.

Prices range from €2,90 to €4,10 per night depending on the film and format. They do have specials, however, like 3 DVDs for 3 nights, at € 10,90. Better even, they also offer a range of flat-rates, like one for € 19,90 / month, bringing rates down per film to as low as €0,70. It’s the best way to take advantage of a collection many consider to be the best in Munich. You can check out films you would otherwise pass on, watch you’re old favourites again - or do all of “Sopranos“ or „“Sex And The City“ - their collection of TV-series/ programmes alone totals to almost 2.000 different titles.

The English Video Film Club is about 200ft away from U-Bahn Theresienstraße (U2), so it's easy to get there. Take care not to walk straight past the place though. They have a tiny little unlit sign outside. And there's no shop window. You have to ring the buzzer to be let in.

English Video Film Club
Theresienstrasse 73, 80333 Munich-Schwabing, Germany
U-Bahn U2 Theresienstrasse
Tel. 089 5420542
Open: Monday - Thursday: 13-21 hrs
...and: Friday - Saturday: 13-22 hrs
Website: English Video Film Club - Munich

I found Chicago and Finding Nemo here on DVD at the same time they were released in the theatres. They must have them delivered from the States or something.

Also, the online search does not really work, so don't get discouraged if you search for a movie and see "no results"... they probably have it. Also, they don't display all their movies due to limited space, so you can ask for something in particular and maybe get lucky.
Whether this place is expensive or not depends a lot on how many Videos/DVDs you rent. If you are a "compulsive renter" - such as me - you should definitely check out the "Gold-Card"-offer which is a kind of flat rate of about 19.50 per month, giving you the opportunity of renting one new release plus a few older movies for as long as 3 nights in a row without paying a cent more!
I've been a member for about 3 months now and the Gold Card offer is really worth it. You can rent as many movies as you want and don't have to feel like you've wasted money if you didn't enjoy them or didn't get a chance to watch them. They also have a great selection and if you request something they don't have, they will look into getting it for you.
It seems that with the advent of spring, my life is going to have funnnnnnnn!
I just discovered about this movie rental shop and I can't wait to go there. You know what? For the last five months i never watched any movie. Back at home I used to watch movies daily but here...
Thank God i know about this shop now
Personally I have not yet seen a better collection as the one they have at the English Video Club. Its like heaven really.
I'm a member for many years now and all I can say is ... WOW! The Collection the stores offers is great. From the latest blockbuster to the unknown (to me) movie - they have it. A big advantage is that you cou can talk to the owner or the clerks. They are nice and take time to REALLY recommend a movie.
I was in there last night. Very impressed with the selection. The 'New Releases' were not only up to date, but also had some titles that I didn't expect, such as documentaries I was interested in watching but wouldn't expect to see in mainstream stores. Added to that, the British Comedy section was totally outstanding. The new site is really handy for selecting films, and I especially liked the way films were grouped, by actor or director. Well Impressed *****!
topcat 1
I never saw the ad before. I must check this place out.
woah this is near my office I'm gonna check it out next week!
We just got an email saying that the English Video Film Club is no more. The website now says the same thing. Anyone know anything more?
I got the email as well. That's a real shame as they had a wide selection available. Regarding security deposits for those who made them, the email said:

1. Make a copy of your Security Deposit Receipt for your own records.
2. Fill in the section for 'bank refund' with your appropriate bank
details and sign it.
3. Please send the original to our address – but only after October
10th, just to be on the safe side since we arranged for a mail
forward, which does take a couple of days to become effective I have
been told.

To establish the status of your account may take up to 4 weeks.
Please forgive. But unwinding a business is a tedious affair and me
is just, well, me, meaning one person only.
I found out on Saturday Seems he had been struggling with the idea and finally decided that's what he needed to do.

Shame though, I really loved the place and he was really good at knowing what movies were good, suitable for the kids, etc.
I didn't get any email but I guess I should try to get my security deposit back then.
I paid my deposit in DM back when it was in Lehel before the current owner took it over - I'm betting there are not any records of it - I certainly don't have any ...
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