Entry prices for museums on Sundays - Munich

Some free or €1 - Deutsches Museum is full price

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Ok The girlfriends ancient tour book of germany states that on sundays the museums in Munich are free of charge. After having googled and having found the deutsches museum website and not finding any information about such a deal. Also searching on the tt archives didn't bear fruit. So does anyone know if this is still the case? Information would be much appreciated also about which things are really worth seeing in the museum.
Most museums and galleries are only 1 Euro or for free on Sundays, Deutsches Museum is as well. Unfortunately it was so busy the one Sunday, we didn't even bother to go inside. (it was a rainy day though...)

The mining exibition in the DM is not to be missed.
Sorry, that's wrong. The Deutsches Museum is not free or reduced admission on Sundays. It's €8.50 every day. I just checked their website to be certain.
Oh, it is really nice there, Iain, take her to Deutsches Museum, don't miss it as long as you hang out in München!!! It is a kind of technical museum... about inventions... from the history of aviation, to the history of sailing... and lots of other things.

Imagine a huge ship in the middle of a hall... and huge helicopters upstairs... and airplanes... and there is section for environment, energy, fuel cells, for engines... it is very interesting and entertaining, in the same time.

It is that kind of museum where one would take one's kids, when they are between 11 and 16... but of course I saw with when I was 23 and still enjoyed it a lot.
My parents also enjoyed... okay, both are engineers, so no wonder...

Well, it is not a specificly "romantic" place to go... but you will surely not regret.
If you want romantic, take her to the Pinakothek der Alte - to look at paintings (if she likes that stuff, of course). It is free on Sundays. Have fun!

You need about 3-4 hours for Deutsches Museum... and as Showem says, it is not cheap... no, neither on Sundays. But it is worth the money, I would say.
Next point. All the Pinakotheken now cost €1 on Sundays, not totally free.
really? didn't know about the latest developments. hm... I wonder why they changed it...
@Showem - I went a while back with some visitors and was like "WHAT? It's meant to be free! 1 Euro?!! But.. but.. " then realisation dawned that it's still hardly any money at all so it was ok.. I was just surprised they had started charging hehe.
I bet it's because of the hoards of freeloaders (including myself) who go down on Sundays as compared to going during the week. During the week isn't a bad deal, as the audio tour is included in the entry price.
The Deutsches museum is free on Sunday's, but only for the last hour. It is so funny as I have gone several times during this last hour and I watch so many people go up the cashier and buy a full price ticket (some groups also) 5 or 10 min before the last hour. If I hear them speaking Enlish, I usually go up and tell them that if they wait just 5 or so minutes, they can go in for free.

Again, it is only the last hour on Sunday's, but it is free. One more note - some of the interactive computer stuff is shut down during this last hour, but not all. The other advantage is that it is usually quite empty that last hour as well and if you go over several Sunday's, you can pretty much see everything you want for free.
I must have been there during the last hour then...
It's free for the last hour every day, i think
You need about 3-4 hours for Deutsches Museum...
If you want to see things properly then you certainly need more than that. You certainly can't visit all of the museum in that time.
AFAIK the state museums (e.g. Pinakothek) used to be free on Sundays (now €1?), the municipal museums (e.g. Deutsches Museum) weren't (and aren't).
To whom it may concern: Entrance to Villa Stuck is free on Sundays.
Sorry, that's wrong. The Deutsches Museum is not free or reduced admission on Sundays. It's €8.50 every day. I just checked their website to be certain.
No. My friend paid 3 euros as student fee on Monday, full price would be 4 or 5, I think. And I am 100% sure of those 3 euros because I saw it with my own eyes.

8.5 is the price of the special current exhibition that is somewhere else in München, not in the museum.
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