German for "baking powder" / "baking soda"

What's it called in German?

Can someone please enlighten me on what to look for in the store for baking powder? I know that baking soda is Natron, but I've never looked for baking powder before...
Ive just bought back was next to all the other baking supplies. I havent tried it out yet. Hopefully someone else can confirm the correct name.
Oh, now that you mention it, I think you're right. In fact, I think someone already told me that, and I already bought it! Thanks again! Sorry for the waste of a post...
A lifesaver indeed ...

LEO English/German Dictionary

or even better,

Where to buy Baking Powder
natron I know is baking soda. I also use the back pulver for baking powder
Actually, willy, I've found that the Chemnitz German/English dictionary is much better than Leo. By the way, did you know that some unix systems (at least the one where I work and those in nearby institutes) have Leo installed? If it is, you can just type "leodict" and then the word you want to look up on the command line.
@ipj...just out of curiousity...whatcha making and did you bring enough for the rest of the class
Oh, I was just fixing some pancake batter so I could nourish my hubby before he went to work this morning (he's got a big deadline coming up) - sometimes it's fun to play domestic.

Actually though, I just recently made tiramisu for the first time, and it came out really yummy! And a few weeks ago I made a fabulous bourbon chocolate cake. I don't know where this baking urge came from. Musta been the marriage thing; that and drifting into the mid-thirties.

Hmmm, maybe one day I should actually come to one of the TT events and share my goodies. I've been hiding out from the English-speaking community for the past couple years, thinking it would be better for me not to herd together with English speakers but to hang out with a more international and multilingual crowd. I'm actually at the point now where I just want to have a conversation where I don't have to concentrate on keeping my language simple! There's another girl where I work who I think is feeling the same way. We were talking about possibly heading to a TT event, so perhaps sometime soon...
"Backpulver" and it is effing rubbish!

I've given up making anything that requires Backpulver (why the Germans can't do SR flour is beyond me ) and if I get the urge to go all Delia and bake a cake i buy Dr Oettker mixes, oh the shame!
The sell baking soda and Tate & Lyle brown sugar on Britain Online. Perhaps if enough people ask for it, they'll start carrying baking powder too...
You can get double-acting baking powder in the American sections of grocery stores listed in the Guide.
Yeah, but the rootbeer info needs to be revised. There is no rootbeer at Hertie am Hauptbanhof or Tengelmann on Kaufingerstraße, nor is there any at the shop on Frauenhoferstraße and Baaderstraße. I have seen the Arm & Hammer baking soda (I think at Hertie) but never baking powder; though I've never specifically looked for it, so I'm sure I easily missed it.
The Indian/Asian shop in Hauptbahnhof (near the underground entrance for Hertie's foodhall) stocks British Lion brand baking powder and baking soda.
Hertie stocks Arm & Hammer baking soda.
The Dr Oeteke one (Backpulver) isn't bad at a push but you do need to use much more than it says on the packet.
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