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Worth seeing a doctor?

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since yesterday around 2pm I have had a numb finger tip,
It is my right middle finger and it is only numb on the right hand side of the tip.
I only really notice it when I use the finger or touch it with anything, and when so it is a bit of a numb\tingling feeling.
So my question here is, has anyone else experienced this and should I visit the doctor or not? (i don´t want to go if they are just going to say "wait and in time it will get better" because I haven´t paid my 10euro for this quater and don´t want to pay it just for the next couple of weeks especially if they say something like above)
I was making some 3D cards yesterday when it started and was wondering if maybe it has something to do with the 3Dpads which I use because they are a different brand to what I normally use and they smell a little chemically.
Any help or opinions is appreciated.
Is it also pale, as if the blood isn't reaching it?

If so, then hold it under cold water until it hurts.

If not, then see a doctor as I don't know.

Do you have bad circulation? Did you trap it? I can't see how it could come from chemically 3D pads. Then again, doc's advice is always the best!
it isn´t pale or anything, the finger looks normal.
could be carpel tunnel syndrom- the tips of the fingers go numb, happens as the nerves and blood vessels get constricted in the wrist and the elbow. If you did a repetative movement for a long time, it can happen, stretch the wrist out somewhat, if this continues you should see a doctor... but your finger won't fall off in the mean time.
It's unlikely to be frostnip at this time of year, so I agree with UA. I'd pay my 10 yoyos and go see a doc. However, being a typical bloke in this respect, I'd still wait a couple of days, just in case...
It's unlikely to be anything acute.
I agree with Carm, it sounds like a pinched nerve. Twist your wrist, stretch your fingers, move them around, shake your hand etc. If that doesn't help go to the elbow and shoulder and move them. It could even be in the neck or back region.
In other words, shell out the 10€ before this turns chronic.
The symptoms are classic for a trapped nerve. At least they are of mine!
Jeeves - it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, or how hot it is, if you have bad circulation (or Raynoud's Syndrome). I've had toes going white in the middle of summer whilst doing exercise! Weird, but true.
Carpel Tunnel or Repetative Strain injury occure when one does slow, small repetative movements, like sitting all day clicking a mouse,
I was diagnosed years ago, but with excersice and stretches keep the pain at bay, when its bad, I do have two wrist guards I wear when sleeping.
thank for all the advice, i think i might go to the doc this afternoon if it doesn´t get better.
So basically it could be caused from sitting and cutting out little pictures for a couple of hours?
Yep, the repetitive movements. You can get it from knitting as well.
yep, but shake it out and stretch it, slowly the feeling should come back.
could be leprosy...
Eleanor Rigby
or gangrene
the Boy From Bozlem
Have you tried the female version of sitting on your hand till it goes numb and tugging your twanger so it feels like someone else is doing it?
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