German Excel to English Excel

How to change the language settings

Have the English version at home and the German at work. Gets a bit confusing and tedious relearning all the commands and formulae. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the language and how?
which operating system?

on Win2000, the settings in Control Panel -> Regional Options:
- Your local
- Menus and dialogs

seem to control the language MS Office products use in the interface.
hope this helps.
i have the same, but go to MS Office tools from the start menu and then too MS office language settings and change it to english.
.. or ask ( assuming a network admin exists) for the English version to be installed at work !
Arshoo is correct, but why not just get used to both? I often switch between English and German Excel. Memorize a few keystrokes and formula names and you're set.
just found that 'atan2' does not work in a German version of Excel. I eventually found this list and thought it might be helpful!
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