Problem pigeons - how to repel them - Germany

Tips for warding off these flying pests

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Pigeons are trying to dwell on my friends balcony. she don´t like it,. is there a quick fix for this? I can be a hero with your help.
thanks in advance.
take care,
Try this site on Pigeon Repelling Techniques. Best and most humane fix is to make the ledge inaccessible or unappealing for a while until they go elsewhere ...You can also get a cat...
Feed them an Alka Seltzer... pigeons can't burp or bottom burp so they explode from the gas. Although it's illegal in Germany to feed pigeons..
is it a bird?
is it a plane?
No, it's...

Anti-Pigeon Man !!

Pigeons of Munich - your days are numbered !!

@UrbanAngel.For an Angel thats an awfully nasty idea !!
You buy a plastic raven. Put it on your balcony and the pigeons don't come near it. Fixed.
Ok, I´m sold on the plastic raven. where to buy it? thanks in advance. this is definitly bier worthy at Bondi´s
Obi, Toom, that kinda place.
Johnny English
I had (hopefully past tense) some pairs nesting in the rain gutter above my balcony..

seems they didn't expect these rains either as it's gone pretty quiet there of recent ;-)
Had that problem a couple of years back. I just made sure the balcony was well used for a couple of weeks and they abandoned their nest. They haven't been back since.
They used to be scared and I think that works when they are still nest building.. just heard some suspicous chirping sounds... think their eggs have broken.

now they seem to have figured that 4 feet out of reach at that height means they are safe... they are sitting looking at me from above ... with beady little eyes.. feels like a scene from "The Birds".
We had em 2 years ago and didn't have the heart to bash up their nest and eggs that were on the balcony. But christ was an awful mess they made! Was scrubbing with bleach for hours! So we always scare them away now.
i saw the ravens for sale in the shop at the opposite side of Viktualienmarkt when you come from Marienplatz.
Where the traffic light is to go over the ringroad towards Sendlinger Tor, on the other side of the street (where Vee's coffee house, Shoya and the Victorian house are), one of the shops opposite the market sells them...
they find the smell of peppermint offensive. soak cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and put them in a bowl on the balcony and drop a few in the gutter. they will be like, "man, these people stink! let's get outta this dump" the same works for rodents, they hate peppermint and lemon essential oils. I would avoid the lemon, bees might find you attractive.
They are rodents. First step is realising that. Plastic ravens? Peppermint? If you had rats, you'd put down traps and poison. Same should apply to these flying rats, unless of course you intend to eat them afterwards - but even I would not eat street pidgeons.

My mother-in-law-to-be lives in Schwabing, and for the last few years, all the balconies are covered in netting to stop the things nesting. Its nuts. If there was too many rats, they'd get retcatchers to sort it. In London, you can actually see litter bins with a plastic base that's full of rat pellets. Like a dispenser so that rat-man does not have to go back so often. So when there is a pidgeon problem, why not a mass pidgeon cull. Instead of a yearly palava with netting, spikes, plastic novelty birds etc, they should just sort out a yearly cull. Lithe young children could hop around the rooftops (as they do anyway) collecting eggs. Prize for the winner and all that. Get a brass band, few food stalls, shitloads of beer. Great day out. Like whacking day in the Simpsons. Could even sell leather wrapped culling sticks. With a little hook to hang from lederhose. Let the Bavarians think up some silly name for it, and it might even catch on.
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