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Is there any recommendations for kids camps in the Bavarian Area, for Kids that are english, learning some german would be good, but it should be mostly for fun. My daughter is Nine years old, a week long sleep over cam would be alot of fun at this age.
You could try these people: pinguincamp, see their job adverts.
This might help too: Entertaining kids over the summer holidays
It's always useful to search for a few keywords in the search field (top right-hand corner).
Try this one

My son went in 2004 and had a really great time. It's a mix of German, Canadian, American, English etc. It's quite reasonable aswell, I paid about 400 euros for 2 weeks all inclusive. He also got a certificate and the end. I would have sent him again last year had we not come home.

The last post might not be appropriate because I think kids need to be 11 to go. My daughter's school recently handed out a booklet with various camps for kids. You can download it from Click on the 'Sommerferienprogramme' thingy. You then get diverted to another page. Scroll down and you'll see the option to download the booklet.

Good luck!
Camp Adventure Mini and Newcomer camps start from the age of 8.
Hi all,

Here's a new opportunity for summer camps (English) in the Munich area. It is new this year and run on the MIS campus.

Summer Enrichment Programs at the Munich International School

A new program filled with creative learning and outdoor activities is taking place on the MIS campus this summer. The program combines classes in mathematics, publishing, science and logic. Afternoons consist of outdoor adventure, teamwork, sports and problem solving. All courses are taught in English by certified international teachers, with a class-size of 10:1. The day runs from 9am-3pm. More information, including contacts and registration forms is available at:
Hi Sumac - what age groups is this aimed at? I couldn't find anything on the site (or I could be blind)
Nope, you're not blind it's hard to find! The age groups are 6-12 (called rising 1st graders through 6th graders).
Taxi Driver
The best Summer Camp in the Munich area woul be the Bavarian International School.

Any other bright ideas? I need a place for two 6 year olds in the weeks of Aug. 11 to 14 and Aug. 18 to 22.

Wanting a day camp, like 9 to 5 each day. Can be in English or German. I tried Googling some different German words, but came up pretty empty.

The MIS program sounds pretty cool, but too rich for my blood, and a difficult commute. Same with the BIS. I looked at the link from Buffy, but it is mostly sleepover camps, which won't work for my son's friend. The few day camps sound great, but unfortunately are not for the right days.

I also looked at Pinguin day camp, which might work, but I emailed them to see if a native English speaking kid would be bored to tears.

Any other advice? Would be most welcome.
here is a list of different programms in Bavaria (all in German). There are a few camps for 6 yr old kids. Let me know if you need any help with translations.

Otherwise, ask at the Tageselternservice to give you adresses of qualified babysitters or Tagesm├╝tter. I am sure there are more than enough teenagers/students/mothers happy to earn some money with kids care during August (unfortunately, my daughter is still too young / unexperienced to take this over, cause I am still looking for a way to keep her busy during holidays ... ).

By the way, I can highly recommend the yearly event of "H├╝ttenbauen" (building huts)- at the Youth Center in Vaterstetten, from 4-7 August.
Thanks zee. I looked at the list of programs, unfortunately they are mostly sleepaway camps, which won't work for my son's friend. And the one that actually looked quite cool is, of course, booked out. I know I will be able to find someone to watch them, but we really were hoping for a camp-type thing. But good to know the Tageselternservice number, thanks!

Does anyone have any suggestions for day camps for 6/7 year olds in Munich? Or even give me a hint what keywords to search for in German? I have searched Sommercamp, Sommerferiencamp, Sommerferien kinder and some other combinations of the previous, but turn up next to nothing. Hence my belief I am not searching for the right keywords.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
This place has some interesting day courses but is mostly from age 7
I still think dumping them at the Ikea kids area and just rocking up at 6 to pick them up is the way to go.
Tara, that is a great suggestion, thank you! Our kids are very close to 7, so maybe we can squeeze them in.

Pas, not such a great suggestion, the kids would go mad after 2 hours max.
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