Nudity in the English Garden - Munich

German fondness for nakedness

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Ok, so I know it's an exaggeration to say the whole country likes to strip off when the sun shines... but why, oh why, is this the case in the English Garden? [Apologies if you've already discussed]

I can understand it when they're at the lakes or by a pool - and ok the Eisbach is wet I grant you. But business men stripping off at lunchtime to sunbathe in not so tropical weather such as today, to then put on the suit and go back to work. That's if they haven't strutted their stuff in the meantime and scared the grannies and the tourists - who topple off their bikes , and the unsuspecting mothers out for a stroll.

Maybe I'd be better disposed to this if they were all Adonis, but this is clearly not the case . So can anybody shed some light?

N.B. I'm not against nakedness, but in the right setting surely?
It`s only allowed on that side of the Eisbach (near the horsey sand-track), doesn`t do much for me either but that`s life eh?
Will have to change my route n'est pas??
During the Summer they're often at it* a little way down from the zoo as well. I almost fell off my bike several times.

* Oh, get you're mind out of the gutter!
There is nothing wrong with the naked boby.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or lack ther of) !
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or lack ther of) !
God take my sight, I don't need it anymore!
My direct route home leads right past the nakey meadow, I didn't see anyone starkers today. Mind, I wasn't looking too close because I was trying to avoid the dogs and geezers on the shared path. But as you say, hams, if you know where they are and you don't want to see them, choose another route. I'm more bothered by the causual passer-by with one hand on his cell phone-cam shutter and the other in his front pocket.
Why do you care so much? I think it is great that so many here don't have that prudish shit that you Englanders infected us Americans with. The whole world should be naked whenever they fell like it. I saw a couple of girls today that should have been naked.
So can anybody shed some light?
I think it's a kind of ritual that evolved from the Germans wanting to "strip off" their reputation as conservative straight-laced fuddy-duddies and show the world that they could be just as uninhibited as everyone else. Once it got started, people then had to do it in order to gain the respect of their friends/colleagues/business associates. I believe the hotels around there used to do a roaring trade charging Japanese tourists exorbitant prices for rooms overlooking that bit of the Englischer Garten, but the business has fallen off a bit now that the nudists are getting older and more wrinkly.
I used to work for the US Army( 66 Int, why the fuck they had that name I`ll never know) They couldn`t wait to go down the Isar and look at the tits during the summer. You don`t see stuff like this in Nebraska they said.
I know where your coming from Ham, but the old wrinkly ones and glittery thonged buseness men are just funny and the beautiful ones are great to look at - I bet you look - I bet you cant help it, Especially when Robocock is out to play, he loves to pose with his hands on his hips or swing around the sign post a few times.
Naked people in well known and marked on city maps nude sunbathing zone shocker!

Shops are closed on Sunday too innit!

Not shocked that it happens - not being prudish after all... such an English trait. But wondering what is the attraction - all over tan a bit too simple an answer. Exhibitionism, or as GreenTea so nicely put it, shedding their boring old fart reputation.

They don't invite you to dinner after you've known them for years, but hey, get a good look just the same 'cause we're really open and broad minded.
Perhaps the germans are more able to compartmentalise things?
They tend not to go nude sunbathing with their friends from what I can see.

I've had loads of dinner invites off Germans and sadly not enough nudity.
@MK: You missing the meat and two veg
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