Naked mixed saunas - Germany

Good or bad?

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Well at least if gives the Sun soemthing to write about: Get kit off with the lads!

Wives and girlfriends who join England’s soccer idols at their World Cup hotel will get to strip off with them — at a MIXED naked spa. Beauties including Victoria Beckham and Coleen McLoughlin have been told clothes are strictly banned if they use the pool complex. A source at the palatial Schlosshotel Buhlerhohe in Germany’s Black Forest — which offers steambaths, saunas and massages — said last night: “It’s no place for modesty.
Naked mixed saunas. Good or bad?
I don't feel that question even warrants a response.

But what was this ...

"There’s even a hot chocolate massage on offer with scented oils"

For Christs sake (and apologies for taking the Christian God's name in vain, feel free to insert the name of any other God to be similary insulted), this is supposed to be a place where "Englands finest" relax, recouperate and prepare for the greatest sporting event in the world, not a bloody kinky sex tour.

Honestly, what sort of hotel is that? And how do you get there?
I can't imagine though that Posh will get her kit off and parade around in front of the other players.
I can't see any of the players other halves stripping off in front of potentially the the whole squad, and especially not in front of Rooney!

What's the betting the hotel make 'Special Arrangements' if the players wives demand them? If they do I'll have to cancel my booking.
Purple Muffin
It hardly seems worth a story to me! I mean it is pretty bl00dy obvious that you do not wear clothes in a sauna! Or have I been in Germany for too long?

Cleopatra milk and honey bath is lovely
It's not the done thing in UK, Purple Muffin. It's single sex clothing optional or mixed sex clothing compulsory.
Many years ago my German wife went waltzing into a sauna in Alton with just a towel around her shoulders to be met by horrified stares of 3 rather large ladies in swimsuits with their smiling husbands sat next to them.

She got grief off all of the women who could not understand that sweating for half an hour into a swimsuit and then swimming in the same garment is extremely unhyginic.
Naked saunas are one of the unanticipated upsides of life in Germany.

I mean, those opportunities to catch up with the latest fashions in pubic topiary, tattoos and piercings

And Muffin... I think you have answered your own question with a resounding YES
I only go for the health benefits!!!
At least thats what you tell mrs maaph!
Purple Muffin
It's not the done thing in UK, Purple Muffin. It's single sex clothing optional or mixed sex clothing compulsory
Ha I am pretty sure I have never been into a sauna in the UK! Actually the first time I went into a sauna was with a German boyfriend. While we were in there he bumped into somebody who he introduced to me as Heike and proceeded to chat away for her for a few minutes. After she left he said 'oh she is one of the secretaries from work' I must admit I did find it a little odd!!
Nowt wrong with naked mixed saunas if you ask me. Done it a number of times both in Germany and in the UK. I for one would rather share a sauna or steam room with a bunch of people of both sexes, rather than a sauna/steam room full of just guys. Clothed or unclothed.

It's not the done thing in UK, Purple Muffin. It's single sex clothing optional or mixed sex clothing compulsory.
Allthough not really the done thing in the UK, there are some travelling(i.e. not permanent) saunas available shared by both sexes where pretty much everyone goes naked. Pretty much a 50/50 balance of the sexes too. These saunas can be found at some UK music festivals such as Glastonbury, Sunrise Celebration, Bestival, and various others. They are very good.
Naked mixed saunas. Good or bad?
Depends on the company. Sometimes it can be bad and sometimes it can be very hard.
Not keen myself. Last time I went in one a particular guy kept staring at me and then staring down at his erection. Yeuch.
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