Why Germans take their kitchens with them

Apartment rentals and taking out the kitchen

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I'm moving into a new apartment with my girlfriend. The guy moving out asks us if we want him to leave us the kitchen sink.

It took me a second to realize he was serious. "Yeah, a kitchen sink would be nice", I say.

Who the hell takes the kitchen sink when they move?

What's next "Hey are you guys gonna need this toilet? Cause if not I'm gonna take it with me". In Canada the kitchen sink isn't optional.
Welcome to Germany! When you rent an unfurnished apartment it is normal for the flat to be empty. Apart from the toilet, shower and basins. They have to remain in case of emergencies.

This board has alot of discussions on renting in Germany, it may be worth your while reading through them when you have a couple of spare hours!

I can sum up for you, Landlords are generally assholes and screw you at every opportunity! Enjoy!
The german take-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink has the advantage that you are then free to fit the flat out as you personally wish, rather than having to live with the previous tenant`s taste as tends to be the case in Britain. Of course, you are the one who has to pay for it all, but I guess thats fair enough.

I rented a flat in London once where the previous tenants had actually removed all the light bulbs and taken them with them!
Welcome to Germany Gingo!

I think apart from the bathroom suite (but I could be wrong) they take everything apart from the walls when they move, including the kitchen, light fittings, wall sockets and floor.

When I first moved over I thought people were joking when they told me I might need to buy a kitchen, so it turns out I was quite lucky with my apartment.

You might want to have a look through some other discussions in this forum so you are prepared for some of the other odd German habits.
When I had my first flat, there was a fully fitted kitchen. That was very lucky, because I did not have the money to buy that stuff on my own. By the way, everything was in an orange colour.

After 10 years the whole thing was rotten, but my landlord did not want to buy new furniture and appliances. So I did it myself.

I bought floor units with light grey doors, wall units with glass doors, dark gray racks. I spent a lot of money on a MIELE oven and on a pretty and large dark gray whine and whisky rack. All handles in the kitchen were of matt-finished chrome, as was the oven door and the kitchen sink. The worktop looked like dark granite. I had to pay about 10'000 Euro, but I thought it was worthwhile.

When I moved to another flat, I took everything with me including the oven, the whine rack, all cupboards and ...yes ...even the kitchen sink. The next tenant was glad because she was the type that loved homely oak-wood kitchens and flowered table cloths.
Yeah, my flat was empty too but I was lucky. Where I work, someone was moving into a new house and wanted to get rid of the kitchen (yes, it was being left behind but only because the previous occupant had died) to put their own new kitchen in. She asked me if I wanted it and told me it was from 1980. Anyway, I went to look at it and it was practically in brand new condition and a nice colour and bright. She said she`d include all the fittings (that meant upright oven, double sink and electric hob - everything except the workbench as it was new) plus a dishwasher, fridge and upright chest freezer. I panicked and asked how much and she said, "well, I wanted 100 € for it but my husband said 99 € will do"!

Needless to say I bought it but it cost me 250 € to have it taken out and moved to my place and another 300 € to have it fitted in! And it`s electric and not gas I would have preferred but suppose it doesn`t matter so much at that price. Still, I reckon it was a bargain.
Johnny Norfolk
Can anybody explain the logic of taking out kitchens of a house when they move?

As if you do this why dont they take the bathrooms with them.

Strange ideas and you will never convince them otherwise.

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Cos they most likely bought them and they can be expensive and they might want it for their new home?

If you are moving out of a rented accommodation why leave it for the landlord to profit from it?
If I didn't want it and the new tenenats did I'd leave it for them as long as their contract with the landlord was unfurnished.

You can do the same in the UK if you want. Most people end up buying a new kitchen anyway, have in the 3 moves I remember.

The shitty thing is and a complaint I hear FAR MORE often is when landlords and/or departing tenents try and get you to pay over the odds for an in situ kitchen TBH.

Have you ANY threads that aren't about slagging Germany off?
i have actually heard this is more of a Bavarian thing. Although I have no real knowledge about the subject thats what I hear, maybe someone from up north couple plop in their .02$. I have actually never gotten a apartment without a kitchen. I forever thankfull for this.
hey i don't want to use an oven which someone else used in the past to bake who knows what in it. thats disgusting. using a previously used toilet? i do that all the time when i'm out and about, nothing gross about that.

nah just kidding. this hauling your whole kitchen (stove, oven, fridge, sink) around with you every time you move is really crazy.

but yes, there are quite a few adds for apartments with ebk (kitchen included), i would only consider those, unless i maybe really moved into a dream place where i'd want to stay for many years and i was really rich, then maybe i'd want to get a fancy professional kitchen.
Not everyone removes the kitchens when they move though, a deal is often made between old and new tenants to leave the kitchen in exchange for payment. Look in the ads, if it say the flat has an EBK it has a kitchen, so no need to moan about your new flat not having one.
For me it's not such a terrible thing, I like to have a brand new kitchen when I move flat.
This is certainly just as common up near hamburg and the same goes for here in frankfurt...but it does seem to be starting to die out, alngside the "renovate when you leave" thing...
because not everything can be explained logically...
as monkstown already explained kitchens are expensive and people select them carefully. it was (maybe still is) every german's housewife dream to get the perfect kitchen. once you have it, why leave it behind?
maybe population density is also a factor. even though many people do own nice homes here, a lot of people have to move into apartments, maybe for life. so finding a nice apartment is kind of like finding a nice house, and maybe it should have a nice kitchen that i can pick myself. but that still doesn't answer the why not the bathroom question.
I think it was a reasonable question
Re.the thread starter, take a look at his post-history!

Packing up the kitchen is not strange to everyone, that's the whole point. Am British but it's not strange to me! You won't find a clarifying answer as it's merely a matter of opinion.
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