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Hi, wondering if anyone has visited the Villeroy & Boch outlet store in Mettlach. My friend who was here before the Euro was used said she bought a full set for DM300, a similiar set cost US$1000 elsewhere. Are prices still competitive? Is it worth making a 3-hour trip there from Frankfurt?
Is that the one in Luxembourg?
I don't think so. It's in Mettlach, Germany.
If you are interested in wolfs I can definately recommend the Wolf Park in Merzig which is a short drive from Mettlach which may make the 3 hour journey there worth it.

We just drove to the wolfspark and went past Mettlach and saw the V&B buildings, didn't actually go to the factory shop, was a couple of hours drive from here, but worth it just to see the wolves.


I've been there a few times. The prices are better than in shops but they are seconds unless marked otherwise, so you have to check the stuff you buy. There are 4 shops in total. One is a Fundgrube type of place. Pretty chaotic and full of odds and sods but some pretty decent bargains if you are looking for little Xmas gifts or the odd baking dish. Then there is a posh shop with glassware and tableware. I thought it was pretty pricey in there even with my 16% VAT paperwork. Around the corner is a shop that sells mostly glassware, that is pretty reasonable but check all the pieces as there are some seconds and it is check before you buy there. Then there is the largest shop where you can order big sets of china/glasses . It is a nice day out in Mettlach, there is a boat ride that takes you along the river and some nice little restaurants in the village. GO EARLY, avoid the crowds especially on weekends.

A tip. As you approach Mettlach (about 18 km's away) you will see a huge building on your right hand side with Villeroy and Boch on the outside. This is the factory not the outlet. (made that mistake!!) carry on along the road until you see the signs for Merzig, get off there make a right and a first left and carry on that road until you get to Mettlach. The village also has a huge Birkenstock outlet (good deals there)
Might be of interest...

I've been topping up our Villeroy & Boch collection through E-Bay Germany for some amazing prices. They have everything from heavy duty Hotel issue porcelain, to seconds (B-Ware).

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