Herne-Bornig - Where is this place in Germany?

The UPS import station

Chalmondley Warner
I'm tracking a package which is on it's way to Munich via UPS. The tracking site says that the last action was the import scan at Herne-Bornig, Germany. So where's that then? Not that it really matters. I suppose the package will arrive soon enough. Just curious.

I googled on Herne-Bornig and it came back, do you mean Herne-Boring?

Sounds a bit like this post.

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Just 'cos I'm bored:

The PLZ you want is 44628, stick that into a mapping service and you'll be there.

Herne-Bornig is near Dortmund.
Chalmondley Warner
I checked hot-maps.de but it couldn't find it.

Now I see why. The correct spelling is Herne-Börnig - with an Umlaut ö.

Börnig being an area within the town Herne, Nordrhein Westfalen.

Case solved.

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There's a lot of logistic stuff goes on in that area as there are so many airports, big motorway network and it's close to the logistics daddy, Holland.

One of my employer's hubs is in Herne Bornig.

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