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Hey all prob been posted before but I just wondered if anyone knew of any cinemas in Düsseldorf or especially near Duisburg where I can watch English movies.
hi theres one on the hansenalle/hansealle in Düsseldorf - its in the oberkassel area.
check though in the düsseldorf newspaper as they often list the cinmas and what movies they are showing. movies in english will often come up as OV - original version.
hope it helps!
Hi Steven23

The Cinema hellsbelles referred to above is:

The Cinestar Der Filmpalast in Oberkassel/Düsseldorf - an excellent new Multiplex, usually showing at least 3 or 4 films in "OV" - usually English - at any one time. This week is a bit limited admittedly, but most weeks there is a good choice. The English language films are repeated throughout the day as well - you are not limited to 1 showing per day. We go often.

Once in Oberkassel follow the signs for the Forum - this is confusingly actually the cinema - the Forum Oberkassel. The signs look a bit like parking signs - you'll see what I mean. Once your eyes are tuned to them they are easy to spot.

You can get an automatic notice by e-mail each week listing all the films & their language versions. If you are an insomniac there is always an English film on at about 11PM on Friday & Saturday nights.

Here is the link to log in to get a newsletter - you specify which cinema you are interested in:

You may also see OmU rather than OV meaning Original mit dt.Untertiteln.
Yes, the CineStar Hansaallee in Düsseldorf frequently shows movies in the English version. Typically they have at least 2-3 English movies at any given time, so that there's some variety to choose from.
Come to Cologne: Metropolis - Ebertplatz
Are there cinemas in Düsseldorf which regularly show films in English?

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Cinestar in Oberkassel. OV, Originalversion or Originalfassung next to the titles means it is the original language.
They have the new Indiana Jones film in OV, so I'll be going there to see that, but I am sorely disappointed they are only showing Sex & The City in German (not even English) despite their own website banner ad announcing "Carrie is back" (why not "Carrie kehrt zurück" for Pete's sake if the freaking film is in German anyway?)

I hate Metropolis Kino Köln - it's so pokey - it would be better suited to art-house films or something. I want the full cineplex atmosphere treatment for SATC - it demands neons, hi-tech surround sound, stylish decor, popcorn, etc... I don't know where else in NRW is showing Sex & The City in English in a cineplex. I ain't travelling to Berlin, that's for sure...
rhineBuzz.com are now displaying cinema listings for all English (and American) speaking movies currently showing in town.

Looks like it changes on a daily basis, so should always be current and will save the hassle of trawling through the magazines.


I heard there's a cinema showing films in original language in Dusseldorf, I don't even know where it is, but I'd like to go... any ideas?


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Yep. Oberkassel - Cinestar. Hanseallee245
also Black Box in Film Museum, AltStadt

I like the one in altstadt (which I suppose is this: http://www.filmmuseum-duesseldorf.de/), which is very close to here, they give kinda oldfashioned films oldies/goodies.

They are airing milk at Cinestar ( http://www.cinestar.de/ ), in english + subs. Sean Penn is one of my favorites (after sweet & lowdown).

thanks, great advices.

any other cinemas giving stuff in English?

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OV = Original Version
OmU = Original Version with German subtitles
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