English-language cinema in Frankfurt and Darmstadt

Locations of movie houses showing films in OV

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Does anyone know if there is one and if so tell me where it is? Thanks!
Frankfurt - Turmpalast *

Bleichstrasse 57
60313 Frankfurt am Main
(Innenstadt) - "Eschenheimer Tor"

Info 069 - 28 17 87
Ticket-Hotline 069 - 28 17 87

* A pitiful, rundown theatre, but the only option for English films in Frankfurt!!!

Some theatres will show the original English film (OV) - just keep an eye on what's playing. You can check out: KINOJOURNAL, it's published once a week - although, in German - but gives you all you need to know about what's showing in the Frankfurt area and most importantly, movie reviews! You can pick it up just about anywhere or check it out online at www.kinojournal-frankfurt.de
Thanks very much, I'll check that site out
All non-German language movies in and around FFM.

Willy, calling the Turm theater "pitiful" is a bit of an understatement That theater is beneath any threshold of quality a cinema should live up to!

20min German commercials to start with, less-than-punctual movie start, picture running off the screen until you run up to the projector guy, video-audio sync issues and crappy seating just to name a few...

I know us expats don't really have much choices here in FFM, but I am putting my foot down on this one- no Turm for me
LMAO gil_b!! I hear ya!!! You're right, every time we go to that sleazy "thing" they attempt to call a "theatre", we say the same thing "we will never go back, ever ... that is the final straw" ... but then comes a great movie that we're dying to see (in English) and our only choice is to lower our standards and go back. It's a vicious-cycle, I tell ya!

I work in the movie industry and have never experienced such low standards for a theatre - even the nachos are "immer" stale!!

Rant not over!
Hi Hellie, the Citydome in Darmstadt shows films in English. Check out the web site.

Tim Hortons Man
Munich has a fabulous English Cinnma, sits about 200 has a large screen and a balcony!

I do seem to remember that the Cineplex in Main Tanua Centurm shows OV (orginal Version) films at off times. Like 5:30 on a thursday.
According to the link that hebo added (a great site that I use a lot), the Kinopolis at Main Taunus Zentrum is showing The Island at 8.15 on Wednesday in Original Version.

It's a great site because you can click on a film and get marks out of 10, and click on the cinema to go to their homepage.
Hi all,

Does anyone know of any cinemas showing films in english, other than Turmpalast whih I've heard should be avoided!


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I heard the Turmpalast is decent if you're desperate for English in Frankfurt.

For Darmstadt, I found the following on the net:

Darmstadt: English movies at the Festival Kino and Rex Kino
Both movie theaters are at Wilhelminenstrasse 9, tel. (06151) 29789, tel. (06151) 29789 Websites: Generic (includes both theaters) www.helia-kinos.de/; Festival Kino www.helia-kinos.de/festival/; Rex Kino www.helia-kinos.de/rex/
Does anyone know of any cinemas showing films in english, other than Turmpalast whih I've heard should be avoided.
Why should it be avoided...apart from the long commute from the UK? I found the 2 main cinemas to be good...the others were quite small.

Anyway a list of all 'International' (mainly English) films in Frankfurt/Mainz/Wiesbaden/Darmstadt are listed on this great page:
Frankfurt International Film Listing
I went to Turmpalast, I found nothing wrong with it..

BTW, WHY did u say it should be avoided??? Anything Im missing??

Anyways - besides that one, theres one in Bornheim Mitte, u can take the U4 line to Bornheim Mitte, and the KINO is right there in 1 minute walk. They play sometimes English Movies. You will have to check with them for the listing, If I find out, Il let you know, but Bornheim is a very nice and safe area..
Why should it be avoided...apart from the long commute from the UK?
.. lol
Yeah, you definitely want to avoid that cinema diligently playing English language films every frickin day of the week for 20 years despite being smack dab in the middle of Germany. Damn those bastards!
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