National insurance number question - Germany

Hi everyone been away for a while but I find myself with a question floating round my head at the moment.

I'm going through a divorce at the moment and it's ground to a rather uncomfortable halt due to the following problem.

I got married in Germany and the authorities here have asked the Inland Revenue to provide details of any pensions that I'll be receiving from the UK. The IR sent a questionaire back to say they had no record of a National Insurance number for me, funny thinks I whats this I've got here then? So I rang the IR and gave them my NIN to discover that someone with a similair name was registered as having it (The name was virtually the same apart from having David as a first name and my first name as a middle name) this person has apparently been working and claiming benefits in the UK since I have moved to Germany. My question is what are the chances that the IR has just messed up?

Or is it possible someone has been ripping the system off using my NIN and could there be any come back for me?

Has anyone come across this problem at all?
If someone has hijacked your NI number, knowingly or otherwise, there is some sorting out to be done. I think your best course of action is to collect EVERYTHING to do with your NI record, payslips, P60's etc. and produce a work history in chronological order from when you left school onwards. Include dates for when you studied or signed on if you did this and make sure all the time is accounted for. Then make copies of everything and send them to the NI office.

This should enable the NI office to provide a pension forecast for you which is well worth having anyway. Regarding the divorce, your credits during the time you were married are relevant to your spouses pension so these need to be confirmed.
Hmmm seeing as the only British employer I have ever had is the army, pension shouldnt be a problem, I had it updated in 2003 after Iraq so I know what I'll be getting. It's just a pain as the divorce is now stalled until it gets sorted.
You should have no problem then proving you are not the other David. Just send the stuff to the NI marked urgent and chase it up with a phone call every week. I think the other David will have more problems than you.
I think in the long run it will be ok it's just the fact that a divorce that is dragging on anyway is now delayed until this is sorted out

Questionaire is now on its way back to the inland revenue including a statement as to my name and identity, so its a case of annoy them at regular intervals and hope it doesnt take too long.

The names Peter btw he appears to be called David Peter
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