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Are there any Hi-Fi fans (apart from me!) in our midst. To pass the time during the week while I'm away from home, I've dug out my old system which is LP based. Because not many current releases make it onto LPs, I'm looking for a cheap CD or DVD player to fill the gap.

I've had several interesting suggestions in one of the Internet forums, but I don't believe in buying anything I haven't heard. The problem is, I want something cheap - absolute maximum 100€. I'm assured such things exist, but, the Hi-Fi specialists who will demo systems don't have anything cheap and Media Markt and co. don't demo.

Is there anybody in North Germany who has a halfway decent system with a suitable CD or DVD player which they believe is worth the description Hi-Fi. If so I'd love to come and have a listen if this is possible.
Well, I don't know which Media Markt you visited, but I've been to 2 in Hamburg before and they've always demoed Audio/Video equipment when I asked.
Btw: This doesn't just happen in Media Markt - Saturn and similar stores have always demoed when asked - the biggest problem is trying to find a member of staff, since they seem to dedicate staff to particular 'subject areas'.
If Mr Audio isn't around, none of his colleagues fill in for him. You always get the answer "Sorry, it's not my job. You'll have to wait for Herr Schwammkopf the audio specialist. Please come back next week when he's finished his tea-break."...but that's another story.
The real problem is more that they can't demo rather than won't demo, because they have neither top quality amplifiers or speakers, nor do they have decent listening rooms. My nearest Media Markt is in Halstenbeck North of Hamburg and they have (had?- it's a while since I was there) a separate room for Home Cinema demos, but even there the sound quality was pretty awful. (Home Cinema sound isn't exactly Hi-Fi anyway, it has other priorities).

The other side of the problem is that the high-end Hi-Fi dealers who do have suitable equipment and listening rooms aren't interested in selling cheap equipment even when (particularly when!) it's actually very good. I do virtually all my listening from LPs, but somehow the rock releases in the last couple of years have improved to the point (for my taste at least) where I'd quite like a player on which to play those CDs which are not available on LP (some are, Anastacia, for examle) without cringing. On the other hand, since this is only going to represent a very small part of my listening time, I'm not prepared to spend big money - especially when I know from other boards, that it's not necessary.

So if there's anybody out there to whom the names Linn, Naim, Rega, Krell, Burmester, B&W, KEF etc. etc. mean anything and your perpared to let me come and have a listen for an hour or so, I'd be delighted to hear from you!
www.netonnet.de have an offer that starts tomorrow..

39.95 € for a code free player.

However, you will not get the same quality of sound, as you would if you bought an OLD cd only player from Ebay or somewhere..

I could not beleive the difference in sound quality. I compared both machines on the same amp, speakers and cd.

Mind blowing just what crap we accept these days.

Had a look in at Media-Markt on my way home at the weekend.

The Home Cinema room has made way for a comparison room complete with about twenty pairs of speakers standing cheek by jowel, some of them actually touching one another! How on earth anybody is expected to hear fine sound differences with the unused speakers all merrily singing away at their various resonant frequencies is a mystery. It's no wonder many people think modern equipment (is so good that) it all sounds the same!

It looks like CD players are out of fashion - I didn't find one player amongst all the DVD and MP3 players. Somehow I'm coming slowly to the conclusion that nobody listens to music anymore. Anybody who thinks MP3 is CD quality either has lousy equipment or cloth ears!
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