Is everything in Germany boring and efficient?

Germans have a unique way of making life dreary

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I just had a conversation with an American friend. We talked about football (ours, not theirs) and he commented that he found last night's match rather boring. I said I agreed, and that, if he *wanted* to be bored, all he needs to do is make sure to watch a match of the German team...he laughed and said "Isn't that true about EVERYTHING in Germany? If you want to see/do anything real boring, go to Germany?" I unfortunately had to agree again, because it really seems to be the truth... Now I have never LIVED in another country, but the Germans just seem to have a unique way to make life as dreary as possible...

Have you ever felt the same???
Yes Tina, definately. YAWNnnnn!! ah well, back to the kitchen sink for me...

Bored Hausfrau of Celle ZZZzzzzzzz
I disagree. Life's what you make it. I've lived and worked in several countries and it's true what they say about people being the same everywhere. Wherever you are, you see the same cross-section of humanity. It's not 'location, location, location' but 'attitude, attitude, attitude'.
I have to agree with Adi, having lived for months or years in America, Poland and Bulgaria (in the seventies) Iraq ('82 - '85 and a couple of months in 2002), Syria and Brunei, as well as Germany, it's your attitude which determines what you get out of it.

Curiously enough (or perhaps not), perhaps the friendliest were the Iraqis - even in 2002. In the 80's, the older Iraqis in particular were positively nostalgic for the good old days when the British were there and that despite the fact that the country at that time was still extremely wealthy, notwithstanding the Iran - Iraq war.
Sandra, with this attitude you will be bored in every country I guess
Yes, you're probably right Hannah..Ii do usually have a positive attitude but right now I'm fed up and bored with the housewife/mother thing...I would love to get back to work but not being a fluent german speaker I'm stuffed, apart from there's no part time jobs to be had and the British army jobs go to the dependants. I HAVE looked and inquired. Any suggestions? I do have a hobby or two but its not the same as meaningful work. I do think sometimes that my brain is shrinking with lack of use!
Germany is OK, it IS what you make it like everywhere else in the world..but I do wish they would smile more..
I always thought the well er predictability of Germany was one of its charms. Sure with the exception of Berlin it's not exactly exciting but Ordnung has its good points as well. I think it's one of those countries that people tend not to actively want to emigrate to (unlike say USA, Australia etc) but one where once you're settled life tends to be so comfortable that you don't really want to leave.
Sorry, no suggestions about a job Sandra. My boyfriend has the same problem but at least he has a full time job in a factory. Shitty paid but i am glad he bothers to do it And also he is teaching an elder german guy a bit english

His german improves slowly so we keep hoping that he'll find a better job some day. But if you have loads of time, why not trying to improve your german and then start a new try?
Louise, I think we don't even realise the "Ordnung" in daily life until somebody tells us

We though realise the silly "Ordnung" at the Arbeitsamt, Meldebehörde etc. etc. and this even pisses germans off
But if you have loads of time, why not trying to improve your german and then start a new try?
Although I'm not working, I do have 2 small children to look after, ferry to School/KiGa and various after school activities plus I have german lessons twice a week with homework to do. Plus the usual shopping,housework, laundry that a family generate etc...gardening...all very routine and boring but necessary.
I dunno if I could cope with doing more german lessons! It already does my head in ! My german teacher is a woman like me with 2 small kids and can't get any work (a native to Celle!!)so is teaching german to Auslanders in the evening! So I don't think the part time jobs are out there..
I'm exploring doing some sort of voluntary work now..just something to get me out among folk..I'm a social animal and the house walls can close in on you sometimes! but that's the same worldwide!
I found a good way of learning German, get to know other foreigners who are also learning German, the ones that don't speak English.

You can meet them in German lessons, then go out with them to pubs and so forth. It's very rewarding.

And if you're male, there's plenty of eastern European children's nannies to salivate all over you (or the money in your pocket!).
Sorry, Sandra, my comments were more of a general nature, and I sympathise with your situation. As you say, when the locals can't find a job, even part time, it's not going to be easy if your German's not good.

I'm afraid I don't have any instant answers, but Steve's comment is not bad. I hope you mange to brigten your life up somehow! In the end it's not that bad over here, although the last few years do leave something to be desired.
I found a good way of learning German, get to know other foreigners who are also learning German, the ones that don't speak English.
"Aber Steve! dann können du großer fehler machen! Dann lernen du sprechen wie Ahmed sprechen!"

Problem with learning German is that everybody will answer to you with "You Inglish? I like to speak mit you in Inglish"

Try your German on them and they laugh at you.

Anyway with a Scouse accent half of England has trouble understanding us Lar! :doh:

I didn't quite catch that... :doh:
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