Spielberg movie - 1972 Munich Olympic terrorism

"Munich" - opens in Germany 26.Jan.2006

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BBC News: Spielberg to film Olympic tragedy

Director Steven Spielberg is to make a film about the kidnap and murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.
Spielberg is looking to cast actor Sir Ben Kingsley in the drama, which will begin filming in June, a spokeswoman at his Dreamworks studio said.

The Israelis died after being taken hostage by Palestinian activists at the 1972 summer games in Munich.
Anyone fancy trying to be an extra. I don't think that my waistline and athletic ability would qualify!
The version I read had him dealing with the aftermath as opposed to the actual event.

Empire Movie Magazine - The 'Berg Just Got Busier

Then again, I could just be intrepretting that wrong, I still haven't had my full quota of coffee for the morning.

I saw the documentary One Day in September the other night which was about the kidnapping. I never really knew the full story of the whole fiasco but after watching that program it is all too vivid. It will be interesting to see how Spielberg will present the same story.
If you get the chance to read the book of the same name, its amazing how much more detail there is about what happened in the repercussions following the Siege and events leading right up to the end of the nineties. (it might be these events that he's making the film about??)
Will Spielberg shoot here in Munich? Does anybody know?
I found a little more information on this...

Empire Online: Spielberg Flies The Olympic Bana

The ineffable rise and rise of Eric Bana continues, with no signs of stopping.

Bana - who was the best thing about Troy, The Hulk, Black Hawk Down and just about everything he's been in, quite frankly - has signed on to star in Steven Spielberg's untitled drama about the 1972 Munich Olympics.

There's no firm word yet on Bana's role in the movie, which dramatises the shocking events of those Olympics, when five Arab terrorists launched an attack on the event, which left eleven Israelis - many of whom were athletes - dead. That attack was documented in the Oscar-winning film by Kevin MacDonald, One Day in September.

Sir Ben Kingsley was set to co-star in the movie, but may have to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Meanwhile, Spielberg is actively casting for other actors, with more announcements due soon.

Spielberg plans to start shooting the drama across Europe over the next six weeks. Chances are, given his reputation for prodigious shooting speed, he'll be finished before the Olympics arenas in Athens are actually complete...
Chalmondley Warner
From Ananova: Spielberg Film On Hold Amid Terror Fears

Steven Spielberg has postponed his latest film project amid fears that the production could be targeted by terrorists.

Vengeance is about the hunt for the Palestinian terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich

The sensitive subject matter and the current political climate has led the director to put the production on hold.

Actor Sir Ben Kingsley has been forced to drop out because of the delay.

Eric Bana, who played Hector in Troy, heads the remaining list of stars who have signed up for the movie.
So we now know the film will be called Vengeance. But it's still not clear if any of the movie was actually going to be filmed in Munich. Is it? There was mention of a "European location", but not actually Munich.
would imagine if filmed in europe, it would be somewhere in eastern europe as that's all the rage these days..ie prague
beautiful place and costs kept down to a minimum as a result.

that documentary one day in september was really gripping stuff and the naivety of the german gov/police back then astounding.

at least now they do have some 'special forces' and not fat pc plod off the street sent to some serious sniping @ fuerstenfeldbrueck during his breaktime.
IMDB lists the filming location for Vengeance as Wroclaw, Poland. But I would imagine they will have to at least throw in some stock footage from Munich, as that spiderweb roof will be tough to copy.
Don't underestimate the power of CGI. Those spiderweb roofs can be fully computer generated
what's the point of making a movie about this? that documentary tells you what happened, all the screw ups, the dodgy way the german govt dealt with the aftermath. what can spielberg add to that?
Yeah, I guess they should have thought the same when they made all those WW2 movies. Everybody knows how it ended.
They make it because people will watch it, don't be obtuse.
Chalmondley Warner
Another update:

FilmForce: Spielberg Soldiers On

Steven Speilberg's spokesman, Marvin Levy, has refuted recent reports that the movie had been delayed over terrorism concerns. He says that it was Speilberg's insistence on perfecting the script which has caused production to miss it's June start date.

The film details how Mossad (the Israeli secret service) hunted down the Palestinian terrorists who murdered eleven Israeli athletes. Eric Bana will star as a Mossad agent.

Furthermore, the project isn't necessarily going to be called Vengeance, although DreamWorks owns the screen rights to George Jonas' 1984 book Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team. This book was previously adapted as the 1986 TV movie Sword of Gideon. SpielbergFilms.com is referring to the Spielberg's new project as Mossad.
So the film might be called Vengeance, or Mossad, or maybe something else.

The film is indeed about the aftermath. Which means the story wasn't covered by the documentary "One day in September" and the production doesn't need to be done in Munich. So no jobs going here as extras then.

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Random Steven Speilberg pic.
Chalmondley Warner
A third update...

Filming now won't begin until June 2005. The script is being rewritten.

From comingsoon.net - Kushner Rewriting Spielberg's Olympics Drama
Forrest Gump writer Eric Roth wrote the original draft, with some rewriting done by Charles Randolph. But the director, Steven Spielberg, wasn't satisfied and Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner has been drafted in to do a complete rewrite.
Malcolm Spudbury
Another update: Spielberg Fast-Tracks Munich Olympics Film

Steven Spielberg plans a summer start for his delayed movie about the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and a December 23 release in theaters.
what's the point of making a movie about this? that documentary tells you what happened
Since when were movies about 'what happened'?
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