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Apart from the Bavarian International School and the Munich International School over in Starnberg, does anyone know of any other schools in and around Munich that teach kids with English as the classroom language?

Many thanks.

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The BIS and the MIS that you mention, Marka, are the only secondary schools that teach in English. Well, not quite true, there's also the European School, but that's only open to the children of EU employees.

If your kids are younger, then there are several kindergartens and playgroups where they teach in English. I think there's another discussion on this somewhere on the board.
The European School is only open to the children of European Patent Office employees, not to the children of European Commission or European Parliament employees.
Hey! It is not quite true that the European School is only open to the children of European Patent Office employees. Actually only about 60% of the total number of students' parents actually work at the European Patent Office.

There are also lots of students whose parents work for NETMA (Nato), BMW, Panavia, Intel or the European Space Observatory. The problem is just that there are too many students and a serious lack of space which is why at the moment they are only taking new students whose parents work at the European Patent Office or NETMA, as they have some sort of contract with the school.

They are currently constructing two new buildings, so the situtation might change in one or two years. I would not bother phoning them yet though, since they do not take any reservations.

Just wanted to make that clear.
We are thinking of moving to Holzkirchen. My wife has noted that the gymnasium teaches some subjects in English. Does thius mean there are some expats living in that area? I want my daughter to be bilingual you see.

I don't live far away from Holzkirchen and there are quite a few Americans living out there (Military). I don't think though (at least I've never heard of it), that there is an expat section in the Gymnasium. The closest non German school would probably be the American school in Bad Aibling. This is their webpage: Bad Aibling American School
I am a former military person and I was stationed at Bad Aibling. Unfortunately, the station closed last year. At any rate, that school was only for the children of military personnel and Department of Defense employees.

I am moving to Munich in January 2005 with my 2 little kids age 7 and 9 respectively, due to the fact that my new employer will sponsor first 2 years of their education at International School, I wonder which one is better, MIS or BIS? any advise is very much appreciated.

Kong Weng
At that age, I would look at which one is closer to where you live and send them there. You don't want the kids to have a 90 minute bus ride each way to school.
It doesn't really matter whether your kids go to BIS or MIS. They both follow the same, International Bac. curriculum and are both owned by the same person.

MIS is bigger than BIS, but that shouldn't really matter that much. Basically, as mentioned before, location is more important. If you will be living anywhere in the south/west of Munich, MIS will be much closer, where as in the north, BIS would be more convinient.

Unless your children would go to the European School, which is located in the south-east of Munich, but quite hard to get into at present, make sure that you don't live too far in the east of Munich, as both international schools are quite far away from there.

Hi there,

We will be moving to Munich area (Freising, or close to it) this summer. We do not speak German and my husband’s company has offered to pay tuition for international school for our 5yr old, and German classes for myself. I saw in this post that there are 2 international schools MIS and BIS, BIS being in the North, and closer to Freising is probably better idea for us. Does anybody have any experience with BIS, they can share?

Are there any other schools that might be good choice for 5 yr old who does not speak a word of German?

Your help is much appreciated!

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Hana, BIS as mentioned ín the first post is about 20Km north of München in a nice little town called Haimhausen... Motorway connection is great from Freising.

Language is English so no issue.

as already mentioned, there is not much to separate the MIS and BIS. The MIS is older and more established - and bigger, I think. Some say that it's better for older kids, since it has more experience in the latter stages of the IB.

My kids went to the BIS for two years and loved it - really loved it. It has an open and friendly atmosphere, and I always found the staff and teachers to be first class (pardon the punn).

Hope this helps,

I am trying to research the school options in Munich for my eldest son who will be 5 in July when we are likely to move. He is currently in the British School here in Amsterdam and we probably have to go to Munich for 2 years after which we will go to the UK.

So my knowledge to date makes me think that German schools are not an option and even the European School in the centre of Munich probably is not an option (if we managed to get in) as it would only be half days until he is 6 and would be quite a step back in terms of what he is doing this year in Reception. We have to think of not putting him at a disadvantage when we go back to the UK in 2 years. That seems to leave the MIS with the IB system being the closest thing to the British National Curriculum.

BUT its a long way out of town despite bus services which at 5 yrs I'm not wild about. So is this really the only option or does anyone have any other ideas we could look at. If we do have to go with the MIS, where does everyone live in relation to the school (surely not all the way in Starnberg), ie is there an expat area in the South/West side of the city (my husband's office is likely to be near the airport or city centre), or are the expat communities spread out?

Many thanks for any advice.

Louise Holland from Holland

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hi all,
my husband and i are moving from berlin to munich and so concerned about the schooling issue. it's basically our biggest concern regarding the move.
we've already done countless nights of surfing, spoken to the schul und kultusreferat, and finally made an appointment with the isarschule.
basically, i know that the 2 international schools are frightfully expensive and the european school is imposs to get into. i really want him to receive a well-rounded education in a joyful learning environment, and ideally for his english skills to develop at a grade/age appropriate rate... and not feel like an alien because of his bilingual background. but i'm afraid there's no other school that offers this in munich:(
i know a lot of english-speakers send their kids to public schools. could anyone tell me if they are happy there? did they have problems adjusting as non-germans? are there other english speakers in their schools? are there any neighbourhoods and/or schools in munich that have a higher %age of english-speaking foreigners? do you have english tutors for your kids?

sorry to bombard everyone with my questions. ANY advice will be much appreciated...
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