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I'm not one for spending hours in a shop trying stuff on, I'd rather just buy clothes and leave the shop. But there seems to be so many different sizing methods.

Has anyone found an easy comparison chart to English sizes. I can't find a previous thread, but I'm sure this must have come up before.
Editor Bob
Größen / Sizes Herrenanzüge / Men´s suits
Englisch /Amerikanisch[center]34[/center][center]35[/center][center]36[/center][center]37[/center][center]38[/center][center]39[/center][center]40[/center][center]41[/center][center]42[/center]

Herrenhemden / Men´s shirts
Englisch /Amerikanisch[center]14[/center][center]14 1/2[/center][center]15[/center][center]15 1/2[/center][center]14 3/4[/center][center]16 [/center][center]16 1/2[/center][center]17[/center]

Herrensocken / Men´s socks
Englisch /Amerikanisch[center]10[/center][center]10 1/2[/center][center]11[/center][center]11 1/2[/center][center]12[/center]

Damenkleider - Blusen - Kostüme / Ladies dresses - blouses - costumes
Deutsch 424446485052
Amerikanisch 343638404244
Englisch 363840424446

Damenstrümpfe / Ladies stockings
Englisch /Amerikanisch[center]8 1/2[/center][center]9[/center][center]9 1/2[/center][center]10[/center][center]10 1/2[/center][center]11[/center]

Schuhe / Shoes
Deutsch / Französisch[center]35[/center][center]36[/center][center]37[/center][center]38[/center][center]39[/center][center]40[/center][center]41[/center][center]42[/center][center]43[/center][center]44[/center][center]45[/center][center]46[/center][center]47[/center]
Englisch[center]2 1/2[/center][center]3 1/2[/center][center]4[/center][center]5[/center][center]6[/center][center]6 1/2[/center][center]7[/center][center]8[/center][center]9[/center][center]9 1/2[/center][center]10 1/2[/center][center]11[/center][center]12[/center]
Amerikanisch[center]4 1/4[/center][center]5[/center][center]5 3/4[/center][center]6 1/2[/center][center]7 1/4[/center][center]8[/center][center]8 3/4[/center][center]9 1/2[/center][center]10 1/4[/center][center]11[/center][center]11 3/4[/center][center]12 1/2[/center][center]13 1/4[/center]

Hüte / Hats
Amerikanisch / Englisch[center]6 1/2[/center][center]6 5/8[/center][center]6 3/4[/center][center]6 7/8[/center][center]7[/center][center]7 1/8[/center][center]7 1/4[/center][center]7 3/8[/center][center]7 1/2[/center]

Just watch out for those darned 'left handed zippers'! I had a very hard time finding a coat with a right handed one and soon gave up. Right handed zippers are 'mens' and left are 'womens' typically, but in germany they are all left handed.
Don't forget that with men's suits (and some trousers) there are long sizes and short sizes.
So as well as 44-58 for example (which corresponds to an inch size of 28-42), you will also find 90-114 (long/tall sizes for 30-40 inch) and 25-28 (36-42 inch short).
I know this because Herr Indoors and I are diddy.
If you can't be arsed with the faff, go to GAP or Esprit as they have the UK sizes listed on the labels.
i'd use the chart above cautiously and as a base only to go from. i know i wear a woman's size 39 shoe, which is equivalent to an 8 U.S. that size chart said it was 7 1/4, another one i looked at said 8, the other 7 1/2.

for me, buying pants can be a drama. some 38's are no way too tight, others just right, or a 40 is no way too tight, others like a balloon on me. i have hips so it's just trial and error.
I know what you mean, having looked at a number of sites thrown up by Google similar to the one Keydeck mentioned. Being a bigger chap, shopping in Germany is sometimes easier, but I think that I will have to resort to the 'try it and see' method. Thanks for the suggestions though.
Mind's Eye
Has anybody ever been *really* surprised to find size mismatches of more than 40% in clothes with the same size labels?

I've noticed that "Large" t-shirts here tend to be a wee bit tighter than those in the States. This is fine by me, since they fit me tad better actually.

I'm bringing this thread up because I just got back from the Schiller concert. (Dreeeeaaaamy music Woo-hoo! ) Anyway at the end, I buy a T-shirt and guess I should go "L" because up to now it's been a safe guess for me in Germany. Not wanting to try it on there in the concert hall, I just order, pay and leave. Cut to our hero at home 30 minutes later, slipping into a stretchy skintight T-shirt that leaves no contour to the imagination. Summer is coming up and I have to cut weight for competitions anyway, but I just got burned on €15 on a shirt that would basically get me beaten up in the States..

The only time I've come close to being remotely surprised is when I bought shirts in the south of France -- the "L"'s there are pretty tight, but still not as big a jump as this. Anybody else get surprised on sizes that are not universal?
I want to a trekker place, and they had trousers but the sizes went from 27 to 108. WTF?

Anyone know the conversion to inches?
IW, were you shoppig in the kids department or are you a man? kids clothes usually have 3 digits (been buying a lot of gifts for various kids lately).
women's pants, erm trousers, go by 34, 36, up to maybe who knows 52 or so. that 27 might be a petite size.

p.s. that chart from edit bob is confusing. in the u.s. i wear a 6 blouse. never heard of 34. and that certainly ain't equivalent to a 42 german.
No, it was all very confusing so I ran out the shop crying.
Don't forget that with men's suits (and some trousers) there are long sizes and short sizes.
So as well as 44-58 for example (which corresponds to an inch size of 28-42), you will also find 90-114 (long/tall sizes for 30-40 inch) and 25-28 (36-42 inch short).
Elf is correct - those ladies sizes are incorrect.

  • UK 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
  • US 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
  • Europe 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Sizes may vary according to store.
@ IW, tell us your size (US or UK) and we can make a suggestion which sizes you should try first.

@ Katrina, thanks for the correction. it's confusing enough to get the right sized clothes here. i bought tennis shoes the other day and bought a pair of size 40 (8.5 so they say) asics only to take them home, put them on, and have my right foot fall assleep. so i wound up with a pair of nikes, size 8. go figure.
But Katrina, even that's not right. I wear a UK 10 or 12 (not sure about US) but a EU 36 or 38. Editor Bob's chart is very wrong. Nobody can get shoe sizes right. US 5 = EU 34 = UK 3.
Then janet you take typically a UK 10 or very, very small cut UK 12.
If you are a true UK 12 a 36 will not fit you because I've tried (and nearly ripped stuff in the process!). UK 12 I can buy off the peg without having to try them on in any UK store apart from possibly Top Shop.
I generally take the 40 but the 38 in Esprit and in certain other stores so usually take the 38 and the 40 into the fitting room. There is a big variance between sizing brands so the list that I put was really a rough guide.
Yeah, I am a bit of an in between size. Most of my body is a 36, but my ass is a 38. I also like my tops with some freedom of movement.
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