Ghost clouds over Germany

Satellite sees cloud but none seen from Earth

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For the second time there has been a ghost cloud over Germany for several hours drifting east. Ghost cloud meaning that the weather radar picks up a reading of a cloud without there being any visible cloud.

See the weather radar picture. The picture is an overlay of the colored weather radar picture (yellow) and a satellite picture of what is visible to the eye.

The lower big yellow area is an actual rain area (see the visible clouds). The long stretches yellow areas to the north are the readings of the weather radar, but there are no clouds to be seen.

See the article from the German "Spiegel" news magazine: Geisterwolke über der Elbe. An interview with a meteorologist at the German Weather Service Institute.

Birds and dumped Kerosen can be ruled out again for various reasons like, no bird migration being around or Kerosen dissolving within a much shorter time.

Jörg Asmus, meteorolgist, is guessing that this is some scientific or military experiment that we're wittnessing like maybe methods to confuse enemy radars or missile counter measures or spreading of aerosoles in the atmosphere.

Whatever it is, I don't like stuff that makes clouds of 400km length and that comes down somewhere where you breathe.
Owain Glyndwr
I think it's a secret German plot to hide Iraq's WMD from the Americans.
It's probably a moderator!
Have they tried cleaning the lens ?
Well he says if it is a defence type thing, the metal strips are a few centimetres long, so you're not likely to breathe them in, yoyo.

Having said that, it is obviously aliens in their invisible ships coming to take us away.
Maybe you could see them if the clouds in the sky would get out of the way.

I watch the ARD news/weather every morning and about two days ago the weatherman put his hand over a "rain cloud" like you've indicated; he told viewers to ignore it, saying it was an error, that there was no rain there. The cloud appeared in the northern half of Germany and was also quite large. At the time I thought it rather curious, because I'd never before heard a weatherman tell viewers to ignore something on a radar map of the weather. It sounds intriguing - I'll have to read the Süddeutsche article.
Thanks for the info!
Only in Germany???
the clouds are in Deggendorf, getting ready for a big rain
the Boy From Bozlem
def looks like some aircraft has been laying chaff.

Seen it before but out at sea i would bet that if you relate it to wind direction at the time then the two blooms would be spreading in that direction.
Yes, that all may be very well and good, but someone should explain to them that they don't have clouds in the Middle East, it's always got clear skies (Hence all the satellite piccies we get), so two huge 400km clouds knocking about over the desert might be a bit of a giveaway, dontyathink?
the Boy From Bozlem
...and besides not much need for it when all their radars are getting spoke jammed. Thing is they would prob stick a couple of chaff corridors up as a distraction so they were all looking in that direction for an inbound threat. Just as a couple of tomahawks come doglegging in towards their front doors

Edit: oh yea and they aint visible from the ground. Whole point of the thread aint it.
Ghost clouds bringing ghostly rain. How depressing. That figures. As if the real weather isn't bad enough. Guess if there has to be ghost clouds somewhere over this friggin planet, then they're bound to be directly over Germany.
Every cloud has a silver lining, MB. Now if we could just find this one we'd be rich! Rich, I say!
def looks like some aircraft has been laying chaff.
I read an article about this in the Spiegel and the scientist interviewed said that the Abgas (petrol?) would`ve faded away too quickly to be caught on radar for as long as the ghost clouds were showing. He honestly believes that the military and experimentation with false radar patterns has something to do with it. Apparently during WWII English and German air brigades would let off lead or metallic substances that would trick the radar into thinking a storm was coming. Don`t know why that would be relevant.. maybe to hide plane radar??
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