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Hello, can anyone recommend a good op shop/second hand store in Hamburg? Preferably somewhere central'ish? I'm looking primarily for clothes (it's getting cold!) but to a less urgent extent also used furniture and appliances. I've seen a Red Cross store in the Reeperbahn that seems permanently shut. searches revealed a bunch of boutique stores that sell stuff for considerably more that what H&M, C&K and all those chinese children factory outlets consider a reasonable price for german consumers. So by "good" here I mean stores that sell stuff cheap, ideally with a decent range, and not all grandpa clothes.
What's an op shop?
There's two Oxfam shops in Hamburg, other than that look for Fairkauf or Sozialkaufhaus. And Humana also has three shops in Hamburg.

"Secondhand" in Germany generally refers to - as you've already found out - expensive boutiques selling pricey vintage clothes. Oxfam, Fairkauf and the like are very hit-and-miss. For fairly inexpensive and fairly good quality (new) clothes, try C&A.
For the clothes, I have no direct recommendation, (except for the above mentioned Oxfam -- if you need kids clothes, I'd have an address or two ) For the furniture and appliances, Stillbruch is defo the place to go - they have shops in Bahrenfeld and Wandsbek.

Also - have you already tried one of the many HH flea markets? For example, Flohschanze, every Saturday morning to early afternoon. If one's lucky, really nice stuff for, well, flea market (= cheap) prices can be found there.

For fairly inexpensive and fairly good quality (new) clothes, try C&A.
Or Kik .. but that's more inexpensive and less good quality, although some good picks can be found there too (we typically buy play pants & t-shirt for the kids there).
Hi, there is either a red cross or salvation army store around 140 hamburger strasse, (street view was not helpful) and there is a second had shop at 176.
Check in the uni message boards and the student websites to see if there are flyers up for clothing swaps or second hand fairs. The students in my uni throw swap/sale events every so often. Usually clothing, but also some small appliances, CDs, and other small things.
Hi there,
a nice thread, with many good adresses. To sum it up:
  • Oxfam, in Wandsbeck & Hoheluft.
  • the Red Cross, selling single garments, sheets, towels, belts...and selling per Kg.
    I personnaly visit regularly the shop in Altona, and found some really swell clothes there already.
  • Stillbruch, an institution in HH, managed by the town. The ethic behind it is rather interesting too.
    Houseware mostly, though a fancy leather jacket of mine was found there. The shop in Wandsbeck is bigger. Stock is changing fast in both stores.
  • Humana, only clothes, sometimes shabby, but having a regular look into it doesn't hurt. Two shops in HH, one in Harburg.
  • the famous Rudolf Beaufays, not to be presented any more. Between Colonnaden & Gänsemarkt.
  • Secondella, close to Stadthausbrücke. Luxus Second-Hand garments and accessoires. Expensive, but in good shape. And you wouldn't really expect to pay 12€ for a Missoni Jacket, now would you?
  • Vintage&Rags, in Neustadt
  • Jimmy, close to Universität
  • Otto von Emmerich, luxus & accessoires.
  • Kleidermarkt, unknown to me. But Marymanu seems to have in 2008

    There is a great used clothing store near S Holstenstrasse called Kleidermarkt
  • If you are looking for sports articles and trekking jackets, visit Sporttausch in Eppendorf.
  • Kleiderwechsel, a place where to sell your clothes as well as buy some. in the suburbs.
  • Designerankauf. A telling name, if there's one. You can only sell there.
  • Fleamarkets, many of them in Hamburg. Find about them here.
And many small shops that simply visit all of the above( & some others) and resell their catchings with a good margin. In Ottensen, Schanze, Neustadt…
Remember that the european sizes dress smaller than North American ones. Pay attention when buying on Ebay/ Web.

Viel Spaß beim Bummeln!
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