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Litho ski chick
Does anybody know if the main Munich Hbf has a baggege claim area? And if so do you know where precisley and, possibly the cost for storage.

I appreciate anyones input as a bunch of friends are meeting there prior to a trip south and will have loads of time to kill in the morning/afternoon.

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I remember paying €4 for storage overnight in December. I do believe I was well under the time limit though. It might have been 72 hour allowance , but since I did use the full time I actually cannot quite clearly remember.
Small Town Boy
By 'baggage claim' do you mean 'baggage storage'? There are about 5,000 lockers of varying sizes at Munich Hbf - will these do?
There is a section of lockers (Schließfächer) to store your luggage in. It's on the north side of the train station. I don't know what they cost, but I don't think that they are very much.

Edit: STB beat me to it.
Small Town Boy
From €2 to €4, depending on the size. There's also a guy to hand them to; the price is the same but it's not 24 hours.
Depending on how much stuff you have (and how big it is), you could use the lockers. Lockers cost per 24hrs 2€ for small, 4€ for big and 4€ for the ones to hold skis. They take 50c, 1€ & 2€ coins.
Left-luggage (Gepäckaufbewahrung) not in the lockers but by people costs 4€ per piece and day.
Open Mon-Fri: 8.00-20.00
Sat, Son, public holidays: 8.00-18.00
You can find the left luggage office behind the ticket hall.
German info
English info
if you can't find an empty one there, then there are some at Marienplatz
there used to be, anyway
no doubt some eagle eyed poster will correct me if I'm a few years out of date again
Small Town Boy
There's gazzillions at Hbf; even during Oktoberfest we found one. It initially looked like they were all being used, but then we discovered another 3,000 on the NE side. And that's before you even consider the left-luggage office that Katrina mentioned.
If you mean for lost luggage, it is at the far end of the baggage reclaim hall as you enter from the planes (at least it is in one terminal). I've ised it several times... They'll send some grumpy old fecker to deliver the bag to where you're staying once they find it.
OhFFS Hbf = Hauptbahnhof. There be choo-choos.
Maybe a picture would help Do one of your great drawings again. I have the others saved already so I need another for my collection keydeck
My personal favorite though was the one on the auction bloc before it got removed(from the auction). I could see what he was trying to convey on that peice...
A masterpiece
Anyone know if the lockers are open again at Hbf after the oktoberfest security fun and games?
They're open again. I go past them every day to and from my S-Bahn.
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I need some place to store my luggage while I wait to check into my hotel that is all the way down in south Munich. Or if not the train station, is there somewhere else near the city center that I can store them? I would like to walk around the city and explore but not with my luggage in tow. I have 4 hours to kill before I can check into my hotel.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I didn't know where else to put it. Thanks for any advice you can give!
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