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Where to buy it in Munich and what's what

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I am going to try cooking Cajun food this evening and am trying to locate Corn meal for my cornbread... I found something called Maisgriess .. is that the same as Maismehl?

I decided to make cajun marinated chicken, dirty rice, corn bread and a cajun salad... if it turns out ok, I might even post the recipes...

Thanks for any help tracking down Corn Meal...
Maisgries is rougher, has a larger grain and isn't fine like Maismehl. If you don't mind the texture difference, you could use Maisgries.
You can find Maismehl (usually the PAM brand) in many Asian or African stores. I've also seen it in Kaufhof food department (sometimes the flour is used for a particularly fine type of polenta although the grainy type is more common it seems) as well as in the Mercado de Mexico in Neuhausen. Because I use it for Empanadas only, I can't tell you about it's use in Cajun cooking, sorry!
Maybe polenta?
Depending on how you like yo conebraid, you can use maisgries and mix with maismehl, or you can -- like Katrina said -- get the fine-type polenta corn. That's what I prefer to use. Now if they'd just get some damned collard greens in the markets here...

The maismehl here, even though translated as corn meal, is more of a corn flour in my experience. The corn meal I'm used to is the maisgrieß you already mentioned. It's coarser cut. I've used maismehl for making breakfast biscuits, and maisgrieß for making corn bread (e.g. to go with chili, etc.). Depends on how you like it to turn out.
Just as a side note for some: cornflour in this context isn't the stuff that you use to thicken sauces. Although sold in the UK (and elsewhere) as cornflour, sauce-thickening-cornflour is actually corn starch and won't do cornbread any good at all.
Thanks everyone, I made Dirty rice last night and marinated Chicken breasts... the cornbread didn't get made cause I ran out of time but I did find the corn meal at Kaufhof in Schwabing, they also had cheddar cheese which was a nice surprise.

Here is the recipe for Dirty rice:

Creole seasoning
1 stick of butter
2 cups converted rice
1 cup of celery chopped
2 cups of onions chopped
1 cup of bell pepper chopped
2 tbps garlic minced
4tbps parlsley chopped
1quart water
chicken wings and if you want chicken livers, gizzards, necks, backs

Boil chicken parts for thirty minutes. Let cool and remove meat. Mince and set aside.

Melt butter in heavy pot, then add rice and fry until brown. Add onions, garlic, celery, bell pepper and parsley and fry until transparent

Add chicken and broth/or water until it is one inch above the rice

Add seasoning, bring to a boil and cook until water has almost evaporated and is just bubbling on top. Cook and cook over low heat for 25 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit for ten minutes.

If you need the recipe for the marinade or the seasoning you can find it on
Jemima Goggins
I'm digging up this old thread to ask another question...

Where does Masa Harina fit into the mix? Is Masa Harina the same as corn flour (yellow, finely ground), bought here as Maismehl, or is it another category of ground corn product all togehther?

Any guidance greatly appreciated!
Thelonious Monk
Masa Harina is definitely not the same as corn flour, you can't substitute it if you'd like to make tortillas.


If you try to make tortillas with regular corn meal they will just fall apart.
I see you're in Munich, Mercado de Mexico in the Schulstrasse has Masa Harina, and there is also an online shop that ships within Germany (I forgot the name)
good luck
Online Mexican food shops are listed here as well as brick-and-mortar locations for Munich.
Jemima Goggins
Thelonious, many thanks. I had a hunch that was the case, but its always risky tranlating US -> English -> German!

I'll check out Mercado de Mexico and the places Gen has suggested. Many thanks!
Has anyone made corn muffins on TT? If so, what did you use? Missing regular plain old corn muffins.
I have not but would love a recipe.

I have been trying to make corn bread and it comes out tasting chalky.
I've made corn muffins and corn bread here with Maisgrieß/Polenta and it came out fine. I think I used a recipe from or I'll try to dig it out later.
Westvan thanks... is there a certain brand of maisgrieß/polenta you use?
Its one of those decieving foods that seems so simple but it hard to get the muffins to taste right.

BTW, I meant ol' not old. hehe
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