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Help filling out the form

Hi all,

In order for the Krankenkasse to pay out its share of the Mutterschaftsgeld (13EUR per day), one has to fill out and submit them the so called "Bescheinigung ueber den mutmasslichen Tag der Entbindung".

On the back side of the form, there are a number of things to fill in / cross out, but I have a problem in understanding points 4. and 5.
Could someone help me out?
4) You receive payment for work (vacation) up to ___ (date)
5) You are NOT entitled to receive money of the Familienmutterschaftshilfe because of an insurance of other people (for example husband, parents)
I also translated w/ Google but it doesn't make it any clearer.

For example, point 3. asks for the last working day (for regular employees, the day before Mutterschutzfrist begins).
What would point 4. be? The same date? The employer keeps paying part of the regular salary through the entire Mutterschutzfrist. So is it rather the last day of Mutterschutzfrist? But this one can't know until the actual birth.

Point 5.: what's Familienmutterschaftshilfe? I can't declare that I have the right to receive this or not if I have no idea what it is.
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