Where to buy brown sugar - Munich

For making American cookies etc.

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I just got all the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend, and couldn't find brown sugar anywhere... Does it -exist- in Germany, much less Munich? Responses needed asap..

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Tengelmann has it...the name brauner zucker.

Good Luck.
Back whern I used to have sugar in my coffee I put brown sugar in it. I remember there being more than 1 sort too, including that soft dampish brown sugar. And thats out here in the country too, so I would be very surprised if you are having trouble finding it in munich
Ohh...k. Hmm, I bought at one point what I believed to be brown sugar (so it said on the pkt, braunerzucker), and it ended up being raw sugar.. I just need the baking kind that's sorta moist, and I hadn't seen it. But I'll look a little more diligently..thanks for the tip.
Try 'dm' or the health food store 'basic' on Isatorplatz - I've even seen Demarera brown sugar here!
i've never had problems finding brown sugar. caipirinhas are pretty popular here and that is a key ingredient. i' ve also made muffins and used the brown sugar they offer here and my muffins were a success.

they do sell it in munich at pretty much every supermarket you go into but you won't find quantities of it like with refined sugar. always check the baking section too if you don't see it near the refined sugar section.

EDIT: the baking moist kind, i had luck with the wal-mart brand, but like i said even the "raw" sugar you used worked just as well in my recipes.
Ruby Tuesday asking for Brown Sugar. Sounds like the Stones' greatest hits...
AFAIK, white cane sugar is used in Capirinhas (Rohrzucker). Demerara is brown cane sugar which would be I guess 'brauner Rohrzucker'. Brown sugar / Brauner Zucker is incompletely refined normal sugar, not raw.
the sugar they use in caipi's to smash with the limes is definitely brown. i use whatever i can get at the supermarket. the pitu is a rohzuckerschnapps and white, yes.

it is a misnomer that brown sugar isn't processed, in fact it is brown because it goes through an additional process, i think sometimes molasses it added to it. sugar which is processed directly from the sugarcane is indeed white. it is not bleached to get its color.

demera i believe is quite sticky so yeah, maybe that is good for baking.

just to confirm what i assumed (since this board likes facts behinds opinions), i checked my info here.

what is AFAIK MM?

edit: it would probably make sense to use normal white sugar in a caipi, but why the german's use brown sugar is beyond me. since the schnapps is white.
White sugar is refined to separate the crystals from the nectar. The crystals are naturally white.
Brown sugar is made from boiling down the sugar cane (or sugar beets. Indians "invented" sugar, but some German bloke invented using sugar beets instead of cane. ) with all the juices and stuff left in.
White sugar then is the pure stuff, with all the flavour and juices of the sugar cane taken out, whilst brown still has them in. This brown sugar tastes different.

I think molasses is the left over gunk from the white sugar separation process. Dunno though.

@elf AFAIK, As far as I know
Dear rubytuesday,
I totally understand your question. I had the exact same problem.
I also bought the stuff that is called brauner zucker at the grocery store and it wasn't what Americans called brown sugar. It was like what we call raw sugar or something. It was just brown tinted white sugar.

The closest thing I found in Germany to American brown sugar was the Bio Moscabo. It is organic unrefined full raw sugar. However, it has a very strong flavor that I don't remember the American brown sugar having. I made chocolate chip cookies out of it, but they had a different flavor. They were good though. But I still am searching to find something more like American brown sugar. I suppose maybe I should just use the "brauner zucker" that I originally bought and see how that turns out like elfenstar suggested.

But if you want to buy the Moscabo sugar. You can find it at most of the Reformhaus (organic kind of grocery stores). It is made by a brand called Gepa which is a fair trade product line. I also found it at Hertie's.
I've pasted in a picture of the package.

I ended up just buying both the light and dark brown sugars in the U.S. at Christmas time and bringing it back with me. Eventually my supply will run out, but maybe just before I go back to the U.S. again and stock up again! It's nice to have some things from home.


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Malcolm Spudbury
You can get Tate & Lyle brown sugar (I think both the soft and hard kinds) in the Kohinoor indian shop near Karlsplatz.

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Ruby Tuesday,

Where did you get the chocolate chips? I'm too lazy to cut up chunks of chocolate to make the chips. I prefer the Nestle type - Nestle Toll House Cookies.
try behind the hauptbahnof or failing that ask a taxi driver.
but be careful - in munich it is frowned upon.
@ a.scutum: huh?
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