German Olympic team clothing

Where to buy

Is there somewhere where you can buy some German olympic team gear? I really like the women's hats with the braids but I can't find them anywhere.

I've bought myself a Canadian toque for the games
(you can get these at the Bay:

And when I was in Turino, I found a Russian store selling all of the Russian designs (including those strange bear/mouses).

Anyway, any idea if one can buy the German clothes somewhere in Munich or from somewhere online?

The German clothing was all done by Bogner

Is this the hat?

Attached image

You can find replicas to purchase in their olympic shop

After the last Olympics- Sport Schuster by Marienplatz carried the Bogner stuff. Or try his main store by the Residence Museum/National Theater or their shop in the Airport.
Thanks for the respones. That is the hat I was looking for.

Here's the direct link:

... but the hat is listed at 85 #$^^@$ Euros!!!

Still trying to figure out what Willie was thinking with that awful green colour?
@Carmen--there is one Bogner outlet near my place (i bet you have seen it before) and maybe they have it there

Mhh---maybe that is also the reason why i love italian clothings than german fashion
opps @carmen sorry ...i have mistaken you for asking about the Hat!
i loved the outfit! i wish i could afford Bogner
I liked the fact that it was not boring but colourful and happy which some might say are not typical german attributes.
I would love to know where you can find the German team toque ( the Adidas brimmed hat thats colored like the german flag) i cant find one anywhere any info on one of these would be amazing.
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