German Car Insurance - Average Cost?

I pay 680 Euro per quarter for Vollkasko

Hi everyone!

Could u tell me how much does your car insurance cost, and with which company?
I've got "Vollkasko" on mine, and it costs 680 per quarter, which i find a bit expensive.
Anyone's got any info or suggestions on this?

Thanx in advance.

Very few people get "Vollkasko" in Germany as far as i know. Most people settle with "Teilkasko" as its affordable.
If you have a new car, then its worth getting full insurance, otherwise you can end up paying fortune. You can also reduce the amount by accepting a certain amount of "selbstbeteiligung", in which you pay the initial €x. Also by paying yearly, instead of quarterly, you can reduce the amount too.

When I was getting quotes, i came across a few insurance companies that wouldn't accept non-german Licences...At first, I thought this had something to do with the anti-turkish attitude of the germans..but found out that some really only want to insure germans!.

I ended up with Direct-line who came up with a decent quote. But I'm sure you can get it cheaper elsewhere. I just haven't been motivated enough to change.

Maybe there are some ex-pat insurance people out there who could help??
Phil Phox

The time has come for me to look at buying a car for the first time in Munich. I know the insurance system works differently here than in the UK so here is what i'm looking at buying and if someone could gimmie a clued up guide as to the running costs that would be great.

Small car
No more than 75kW
1990 ish
upto €1000
Around 100,000 km

If age is a factor i'm 24. Held a licence since 1997, no points, live in 80469 etc etc.

I aint entirely sure on the exact criteria insurance companies look for but it would be great to know how much i'm gonna have to spend monthly to get the thing on the road (legally). Tax, Insurance etc etc.


The biggest factor here is the no claims bonus system, which is different to the UK. Theoretically first time insurees start out at 140% which would probably set you back around €1500 a year. Most of the insurance companies will tell you that it is not possible to transfer your no-claims years from home, but that is in fact untrue. I recently insured my car for the first time and and transferred my 4 years no claims from Ireland which brought the payments down to 60% (a still pretty hefty €800 or so a year). You will need to get your previous company from home to fax a standard form insurance history to your new company in Germany. Problem is finding the right person in the company here that knows that it is possible. PM me for details of my agent.
Phil Phox
I don't have any no claims from the UK to transfer.. i had one car that i paid 750 quid for and it konked out after 3 months!! Paying 1000 quid for the insurance i gave up on owning a car

I guess you will be starting out at the 140% then Expect to pay €1500 a year. I do have Vollkasko, so you may be able to save on that. My haftpflicht / vollkasko ratio is approx 60% 40%. Basically the same breakdown between Third parts / comprehensive back home.
Although 140% is the official starting point here an insurance agent can sometimes negotiate the "no-claims" discount down for your, especially if you can show experience of claims free driving, e.g. with your employer... The trouble is that insurance agents usually are dealing with the more expensive companies who pay them comission. It then becomes a balance between expensive policy and decent discount or cheap policy and no discount.

Once you get on the ladder to better discounts you can shop around.

If you are looking at an older card with lower value then you really only need Haftpflichtversicherung which simply pays for any damage to the third party and none to you...

There are a number of websites around which will do the research for you for the cheapest deal. I got the best deal by far via the ADAC

To get any quote you also need the "Herstellerschlüsselnummer" and the "Typschlüsselnummer" to precisely define the car you are looking to insure. These are to be found on the car papers ("Fahrzeugschein"), so it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation. No quote without paperwork. No paperwork without car. Usually, however, you can use other websites to work out this data for any particular make/model you are looking at (or if buýing from a dealer, from him).

Phil Phox
Ok, so i got a 'guess' set of numbers for a Golf, are there any online quote sites that don't require login registration just to gimmie a more acurate idea of the amount i'll have to pay for 3rd party cover?

BTW, obviously there are other costs, road tax being one, how much is this and are there any additional costs (vehicle registration etc) We are in Germany after all!

2 months of claim free driving for my employer i suspect won't be worth much, but maybe after a year.. could it be worth waiting a year or will the year make little difference on the discount?

MysteryMan is good, but it does require your details.
I'm an ADAC member and can log into their site for a quote without any further registration. PM me your car details and I'll see what it comes up with...

As for other costs...

When you register the car there are one-off costs for registration (Zülassung) and new numberplates costing around 40 Euros total.

Then there is an annual Kraftfahrtzeugsteur which depends on the type of motor, emmissions certification, age and engine size and can be calculated here (which is really the rates for Niedersachsen, but is similar in Bavaria)

You need a TÜV every 2 years (like a UK MOT) costing around 75 Euros (plus any repairs to get it through) and an exhaust emmisions check, also every 2 years, usually done at the same time as the TÜV costing around 30 Euros.

Not taking into account fuel, oil, tyres, servicing, repairs

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