Hobby shop at Münchner Freiheit - Munich

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone knows where about in München Freiheit the Hobby shop is.
I think there used to be one on Leopoldstrasse, but it closed down. I don't know of another one nearby (although Karstadt may have what you need).

Check these links out for other places:

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Art & craft stores and hobby shops
I have tried Karstadt and OBI.
Anyone know of any stores around the Schwabing/Milbertshofen area?
I am looking for magnets.
I buy handicrafts stuff from the "Creative-Store" in the Amalienstrasse, near U-Universität, but their focus is more on art supplies, I don't think they'll sell magnets.

What sort of magnets are you looking for? And what for, exactly?
dunno about the area you mentioned there is one right across the tram stop in karlplatz (towards Kaufhof), has a lot of stuff
I am looking for some small round magnets which I can stick on the back of some 2D figures I made from Pearls
Dunno about Münchner Freiheit, but there's a pretty big craft shop downstairs in the Mathäser complex at Karlsplatz.
Unless it closed, there was a place literally just outside the Giselastr. UBahn stairs- the exit on the north end, east side. You could see the sign but it was a couple of meters down a walkway to the actual entrance. There is also a fairly good store in Mathäser called Idee.
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