Butter - how long does it last?

Does butter go bad?

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i just realized that i haven't bought a new stick of butter since i moved in last summer. is it still good? it looks a little worse for the wear, but i don't see any weird splotches on it. should i buy a new one?
i guess i just revealed i don't eat much butter. i prefer cream cheese when i eat my bread slice & marmalade for breakfast.
Usually only a week, two at the most. It depends also if it is salted (it lasts longer)

But this source says one month

"Is it necessary to keep butter refrigerated? I know people who just leave it on the counter. Is this safe and how long can it be kept unrefrigerated?

These questions appeared in Taste of Home magazine earlier this year. The answer given:
According to the Wisconsin Dairy Council, butter can be safely kept out for no more than 2 hours. Butter can be stored wrapped in the refrigerator for up to 1 month. For longer storage, freeze in a freezer back for up to six months."
Bad butter will turn rancid and you will definitely know if it is bad or not when you taste it. Go on taste it and tell us.
ach so. well, thanks folks. i smelt on it a bit, but i don't think i want to risk tasting it eurovol, thanks!

let me see if they sell single household-always-on-the-road butter sticks then (philadelphia has these cute little cubes!)
The above is ture for "Real butter", but the chemically enhanced stuff out today will last years as long as it's refrigerated..
you can get cute little ones in tengelmann
can't remember how big they are, but I'm guessing around 150g?

that's what I buy, usually, cos I don't have butter on my butties, just in risottos and such
The difference is that it will only taste bad/different, it probably would not be harmful even after six months in the refrigerator. There is not much if any microorganismal groth, but it will taste rancid.
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You can buy the single portions but they are more expensive. Try Hertie at HBF et al.
Meggle portion packs, also available as 125g and normal 250g. I really like their Alpenbutter gesalzen but they only sell that in big.
Better off buying a half block, portioning it yourself and then freezing.
Beware the rancid fat

Rancid fats are tough on the liver, right brokenm?

Some extreme nutritionists and health-nuts (like my sister-in-law) highly recommend refridgeration for all fats, including olive oil, once it is opened, to reduce oxidation. Unfortunately Olive oil goes a bit solid in the fridge, and you need to warm it up to use.

Even when I keep butter in the fridge in a covered butter dish, after a couple of weeks when I cut off a slice, I notice a thin layer around the edge where is has changed.
Just finished that I've had for 6mo+ and it didn't taste funny at all, no fuzz either
If I'm honest, I keep butter a looonng time. If it looks a bit funny coloured or smells rancid, I cut off those parts and use the middle bit that hasn't been exposed to the air. Usually it's fine.
I'm so glad you said that you're my best friend, Showem
I thought it was just me who did things like that
This of food items that I've cut the dodgy-looking part off and eaten the rest is actually quite long. It's never anything I serve guests, in case anyone was wondering, it's usually desperate hunger or extreme laziness while alone.
ah, so i could have kept the butter? it was only a corner piece anyhow.

@showem -- you don't do this with bread do you? one of the few things i remember from 3rd grade was if you see spores, they have already made their way through the bread! i thought that was good for everything?

on the other hand if i see mold on one side of my creme cheese, i cut off a big area around it & and keep on spreading. i love my cream cheese!
A little home made Penicillin never hurt anybody.. Eat up

As for the dried bits of butter, if your going to melt it down in a pan, it doesn't really matter if you pick/cut parts off..
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