Defining characteristics of a German

Stereotypes - fact and fiction

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part of a design research project:

i am new to germany and as part of a design project for the munich world cup am doing this crazy study about germany and germans... role models, culture and identity...

following are some reactions from people i have 'bumped' into...

‘germans are tense people…’
‘germans are individualists…’
‘germans are not impulsive… ‘
‘germans are very mechanical… ‘
‘germans are great technologically…’
‘germans are very precise… and specific… ‘
‘most germans cannot relate to their history… ‘
‘bavarians are great people… very friendly… and warm’
‘germans spend more money on their fuel than on milk ‘……………………

so u guys can react and add to this 'PILE ON'...
germans are open-minded and tolerant
German girls are good looking whereas the blokes aren't
german blokes are not bad in the sack, though (in my experience, albeit limited)
germans like sausages, and their sausages are surprisingly good...
germans are an odd bunch, in this respect very much like every other nationality when viewed from the outside.
Germans are from Germany
German's speak an odd language called German (this is not English)
german sausages are indeed effing great, so is obazda

germans like taking their kitchens with them from house to house which is a bizarre concept when you first come across it.
‘germans spend more money on their fuel than on milk ‘
Doesn't everybody?

Assuming the average person consumes 100 l of milk per year (roughly 0.3 l per day, that's probably on the high side already), and further assuming that one litre of milk costs about half the price of one litre of gasoline, a very fuel efficient car would let you drive at most 1,000 km for the amount of money spent on milk. Hardly surprising then that people spend more money on fuel than on milk, unless they don't have a car...
Bavarians like dogs and allow them almost anywhere.
every stereotype of Germany is germane
Germans wear socks with sandals
‘bavarians are great people… very friendly… and warm...but it takes a lifetime to get to know such people.

Or And

bavarians are great people… very friendly… and themselves.
Old Germs love their rules and regulations.
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