Top five songs with a place name in the title

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Top five songs with the name of an actual place in the title (no "Kokomo", "Itchycoo Park", etc.). Also, only places denoted by a political boundary (no "Across the Great Divide", "53rd and 3rd", "Downtown", etc.), though the boundary can be historical and or disputed (see item 3). The song does not have to be about said place, but must include it in the title

1. "India" - Psychedelic Furs
2. "London Calling" - The Clash
3. "Kashmir" - Led Zeppelin
4. "Memphis" - Chuck Berry
5. "The Only Living Boy in New York" - Simon and Garfunkel
new york new york - sinatra

stumped for the next 4

oops...long haired lover from LIVERPOOL - the one and only jimmy osmond
back in the USSR...does that count?

georgia on my mind
california dreamin'
alabama getaway (greatful dead -little birdie told me)
Limerick You're A Lady
It's a long way to Tipperary
Dublin's Fair City
The Leaving of Liverpool
The Streets of London
Belfast Child
Star of the County Down

I could go on all day.
Carter USM - The Only Living Boy in New Cross

fabulous, wish I could listen to it now on full volume
will have to have a quick think about the other 4...
Kathmandu — Cat Stevens (love the city, and the song brings back memories)
Georgia — Ray Charles
Canadian Driftwood — the Band
First We Take Manhattan — Leonard Cohen
Nashville Skyline Rag — Bob Dylan
one night in bangkok
green river (my home town)
sweet home alabama
california girls
dixieland delight
(might think of more - but they actually want me to work today )
Streets of Philadelphia -- Bruce Springsteen
Walking in Memphis -- Marc Cohn
Do You Know The Way To San Francisco -- erm...
Sweet Home Alabama -- Lynrd Skinerd
Born in the USA -- Bruce Springsteen
Hotel California - Eagles
California Love - Tupac Shakur
I Love LA - Randy Newman
California - Phantom Planet
California Girls - Beach Boys
America- Simon & Garfunkel
Africa- Toto
Lion in Zion- Bob
Babylon is Falling- Steel Pulse (theoretical place, but still)
Going back to Cali- (can't remember.. surely not the best but I like it)
Whichita lineman - Jimmy Webb/ Glen Campbell
Californication - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
From St Kilda to Kings Cross ( ha! - a double !) - Paul Kelly
California - Joni Mitchell
Tenterfield Saddler - Peter Allen

@moilv : love america, pehaps my fav S&G song.

i assumed things like USA and America were not really implied
Babylon is not a theoretical place - it's not a city any more, but it was once a thriving metropolis a relatively short car ride away south (I believe) of modern day Baghdad.
Come Back To Camden- Morrissey
24 Minutes To Tulse Hill- Carter USM
Alaskan Pipeline- James
America Is not The World- Morrissey
Munich Air Disaster- Morrissey
Amsterdam- Coldplay
Angel of Harlem- U2
Australia- Manic Street Preachers
Rusholme Ruffians- The Smiths
Dakota- Stereophonics
English Rose- The Jam
This is England- The Clash
Essex Dogs- Blur
@rus .. obviously the concept of five is too much for some...
Amsterdam- Coldplay
I thought you had good taste until I read that, Rus, I'm disappointed in you.

Just how crap are Coldplay? They are setting new standards of crapness for the new millenium with every album... pretty soon they'll be as crap as the Eagles, FFS

edit - actually, thinking about it, though, New Amsterdam by Elvis Costello would definitely make the shortlist.
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