Paranormal and haunted places in Munich

Spooky stories from the city and area

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I would consider Dachau to be the most haunted. Even few hundreds metres away from the Gas Chamber while driving (windows opened) i could feel it (without realising it was just a head of me).
Wind up the windows, put on the heating and you'll be alright.
Gunther Murphys is haunted. At least 20 people fell and drowned in that well before they sealed it up. If you place your head to the floor near it, you can actually hear the sobbing of the lost souls.
Don't worry about that. That sobbing is just the souls of lost virgins sacrificed at the altar of 3 Lions.
20 people fell and drowned in the that well before they sealed it up
That's actually true.
Is the bit about 3 Lions also true?!
GMs used to be a swimming pool. Maybe somebody drowned in there.
That is true, the swimming pool bit anyway.

And also the bit about 3 Lions.
Don't know about haunted, but some of the spookiest parts are deep in the heart of Bavaria where the Catholic church rules supreme. I don't mean the skeleton on the sundial at Andechs, I mean the ruthless indoctrination in the last 1500 years.
As for atmosphere of the past (and possibly spectres walking), try Odeonsplatz at 3 am. Face the Theatinerkirche and look up Theatinerstrasse, concentrating on the first floor of the building south of the church. If you get a view without any modern installations such as streetlights, flower boxes and garbage cans you get this really spooky feeling of what Munich looked like 200 years ago. (There is a picture of the street I mean on the link, about where the white van is)
P.S. It helps if you've been at Kilian's or Ned Kelly's for a while before you try this.
the ruthless indoctrination in the last 1500 years
Some of the Oberpfalz and Niederbayern beyond Regensburg / Landshut can be VERY like that.
I've mates who come from the whole area where pope Ratbag comes from.
Lucky they escaped to Munich!
my brain has imploded
Get the silver foil hat on Worm, they can't get at you then
most of the ghosts that ever existed have actually left the country...have you come across the spiritual voids around the place, these funky loghs?
The most strange and unusual thing that ever happened to me in Gunter Murphys is when i actually got served, i didn't experience it many times after that, but i can tell you it was bizarre.
Being a fan of spooky legends and lore, I was wondering if any of you have some info on some reportedly "haunted" places around the city, or even some stories. I think its kind of interesting to tour these places and such, or just hear about them. I think the paranormal lore is not as prevelent here as in North America, but still there has to be something. Look forward to hearing replies.

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