Cheap gloves at Roeckl outlet, Kistlerhofstr. 70 - Munich

Update: Top-quality, over 50% off, 23-25.Jan.2014

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There were yesterday. I didn't check the sizes though.

And next year's will be January 26-28, same address.
Hi Gen,
can you confirm this date? Was it published on one of their flyers last year?
Thank a lot in advance!!
oooh Gen, make sure you give me a heads up, we can go together!
Just had a flyer with the of confirmation of the dates for this years big sale:

Kistlerhofstr 70, Gebäude 60/160, 81379 München.
Thursday 26th to Sat 28th January from 9:00am.

Does not list the closing time. Remember its cash only!
Thanks for the heads up! But these I have:

the over-elbow black leather ones in a 6.5, please pick them up for me. I still yearn for them.
Now I want the Cruella de Ville ones...
can't wait for this!! Roeckl are the best!! have had a pair for years and I don't even notice they are they are so comfortable and soft!
Thanks very much for posting this, I walked away with three pairs of gloves yesterday. Looking forward to going there next year again!
Aw heck, nobody ever updated the title for 2012, not even me. Anyone know the date for 2013?
Hi Gen,

Next year's is January 24-26, again at Kistlerhofstrasse 70.
Any idea about this year's sale?
23.-25. January 2014.

See here:
Small Town Boy
Sport gloves were on 2 long tables, each around 4m long too.
There were no sports gloves this year and Google suggests it's been a few years since there were any. Most of the items were half price, although I did pick up an €80 cashmere hat for €25, which will make the waiter in whichever pub I lose it in happy.
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