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Where to buy hard-to-track-down items in Berlin

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I also bring Yorkshire tea from the UK or order it online. You can get Lipton and some other acceptable black teas (in addition to the green teas) at the Asian and Indian supermarkets. Don't waste your time with any black tea they sell at the regular supermarkets--even the "fancy" stuff is pretty tasteless. I've been disappointed so many times.
For Irish tea drinkers, I was pleasantly surprised of the price of 200 bags of Barry's tea from barrystea.ie - I was buying PG Tips in my local Asian store for 8e for 160. I much prefer Barry's so I'll take the hit on postage!
Does anyone know of any good harware shops, electrical wholesalers or builders merchants besides Bauhaus, and OBI. Ideally I'm looking for a Screwfix equivalent for any any British expats who know of Screwfix. In England as well as using my local electrical wholesalers I could rely on Screwfix for most things and know they were always reasonably priced, plus they had their online ordering system which was even better. I've just moved to Berlin and it's killing me everytime I go to Bauhaus or OBI, the quality is erratic, they do have some good stuff but also a lot of rubbish, but the prices are way higher to what I am used to, plus neither have an extensive stock of many things. In Bauhaus I saw a the price of a couple of plastic plasterboard fixings and I could probably have bought a box of 50 for a euro more in the UK.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Also if anyone knows of any big second hand shops or warehouses for second hand furniture besides boxhagner market and the secod hand shops around Grieferstrasse (all seem a little pricey), that would be great too.

Many thanks

I find you see a lot more tradesmen in Holz Posling than obi etc. Prices seem more reasonable to me anyway
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I just moved into a room and I'm living out of a suitcase, which is ok, really but life could be easier. I'd like to get furniture, but I don't have a way of taking it back home, but I thought that a clothes rack, those which have wheels, wouldn't be too terrible, especially if I buy one close to where I live (Görlitzer Park). Anyone know where I could get something like this? I've attached a picture...

Just go to IKEA
We need to replace the bracket on the handheld shower head in our apartment. I'm not sure if an identical bracket will be required. We can unscrew the broken part and take it with us, but we're not sure where to find a store that would have a selection of shower parts. Any ideas?

Go to any DIY shop and check if you find the part or if you have to buy the whole thing (including the support). Check the closest Bauhaus, OBI, Toom, etc in your area or Google for "Baumarkt Berlin" in google.de
Try Obi or Hornbach building centers.
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Hey everyone!

Very weird request here....
Does anyone know where I can buy a "ring pop?" It's a ring shaped candy, that has a giant candy diamond. Like so


Any specific shops? Not just "at any spatkauf" because I looked at a bunch, and can't find one!
If it helps, I live near Warschauer Str.

I need it to propose to my future wife. It's kind of a joke, but I need to find this thing!

Thanks everyone!!
La Poune
If you can't find it here, I'd recommend to just buy it online:

I didn't want to have to wait for shipping... you can get almost ANYTHING online... I was hoping a store would be selling them somewhere....
You need a shop that sells Süßigkeiten, not a regular supermarket - a shop that stocks all kinds of sweet stuff in all kinds of variations. Might want to try this place, it looks like it might have the kind of thing you're looking for.
THANKS!!! I will go there first thing tomorrow )
I'm looking for cooking spray/spray oil.

To the person looking for sourdough bread: I bought a bunch of random rolls at Penny this weekend, and one of them was sourdough! Unfortunately I don't remember what they called it, and their selection seems to vary by week and by store.
The first step to looking for something is to do a search here on TT, which would have given you this thread: Where to buy Pam no-stick cooking spray.

Same thing holds for sourdough bread: Where to buy fresh sourdough bread.
Thanks for the link, sorry for the repeated topic.
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